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Hi All! Smile I am a 46 yr. old Disabled Homemaker, that dearly loves Web Designing, & have won 4 "Golden Web Awards", & just recently was awarded my 1st. "Diamond Web Award" for my Website. I reckon I'm kinda proud of that, not to mention the people that voted for that honor!

I am in the beautiful State of Kentucky, (USA), & have been all of my life...

I am the Daughter of a Farmer & a Seamstress. I just lost my Father in April of 2003, & still havin' a hard time dealin' w/that, I reckon I always will... I've heard it said for many, many yrs. that time has a way of takin' some of the pain of losin' a loved one away, I'm just waitin' for that, & hope it's soon, but I know he's w/me in spirit every single day... Bein' an only child leaves no one but my Husband, (that Rock I'm about to mention!), & w/out him, I don't know if I could've made it through that, & still am dealin' w/my Daddy bein' "gone Home" every single day...

Got a Hillbilly from Kentucky for a Husband, lol, & he's my Rock, always has been, always will be... (22 yrs. & countin')...

I love cookin', fishin', & Poker!!! Pretty good at all, so they say! lol

I collect the Pegasus, (have since the age of 11, geez, that's a very long time! LOL) Also, I collect Recipes & Crystal... I have a Crystal-just about everything, including a Crystal Apple that weighs a hefty 4 1/2 pounds! Smile

I hope to meet some nice Folks here, & have met my 1st. one, well, almost, lol, & he's a great person from first impression, & first impressions mean a lot to me... Smile

Favorite expression: "Good Lord willin' & the Creek don't rise"! Smile

Hope to be interacting w/some of the wonderful Folks here, & if I can be of any assistance to anyone, please don't hesitate to le me know... I can be contacted at: [email protected] ...

Thanks For Lookin'!
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