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Tue 4 Nov, 2003 06:04 pm - Yeh!!!... I miss them A LOT :cry: (view)
Fri 31 Oct, 2003 06:28 pm - imagine what kind of things these guys can get fun of now-a-days,.....Puffy (P.Diddy), all the Barbie-Look-A-Like singers (B.Spears, C.Aguilera,...and AALLL the others that I don't even know... (view)
Fri 31 Oct, 2003 06:16 pm - What is it about guys and their 'games'!!..??? Not that I have a problem with this...cause I like it myself!! It's just that there aren't a lot of girls that play games... (view)
Fri 31 Oct, 2003 05:56 pm - LOL :lol: I didn't knew Halloween inspired the world of Poetry! We do this only when we celebrate St. Nicolaas (maybe you heard from him before,'s a white old man on a white... (view)
Fri 31 Oct, 2003 01:03 pm - WOW :shock: ,...thanks you guys!!! for the nice story's I must read all of them still, but I came just in from work and saw a lot of your response (also from yesterday) on this "Done... (view)
Thu 30 Oct, 2003 04:17 pm - [quote="cavfancier"] a long-missed member posted this thread:[/quote] I was afraid of that already :cry: .....but....I thought "What the @#*, I'm going to try it... (view)
Thu 30 Oct, 2003 04:11 pm - I'm really jealous of you guys!!! We don't have this in our country,.....I can only go to a club where they have planned an Halloween Party,...but that's not the same :cry: (view)
Thu 30 Oct, 2003 03:43 pm - I'm 26, lives with my boyfriend for ALMOST 8 years in Rotterdam. My father is dutch and my mother comes from an eiland called St. Eustatias :shock: ....never heard of it??? Well I... (view)
Thu 30 Oct, 2003 03:01 pm - LONG LIVE the SPELLCHECK,....for me too!!!! :wink: (view)
Wed 29 Oct, 2003 02:26 am - [quote="cavfancier"]Redheads are way sexier. Also, I hear that true blondes are a dying breed, and most of them are fakes. There really isn't anything less sexy than the cuffs not... (view)
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