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middle-age...i guess 49 still qualifies for middle age...spent the last 2 years writing the novel i meant to write earlier in life...figured i'm on borrowed time get to it...

i enjoy black water kayaking...south carolina has a vast array of paddling waters...coastal, black water, white water, swamps, lakes...

not particularily interested in traveling...why leave, when home is not known?...
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Sat 5 Jul, 2003 08:26 pm - sultaana freeman...finds islam a convenient faith... :roll: [url=]what a piece of work[/url] (view)
Sat 5 Jul, 2003 05:32 am - didn't they discover that this woman was a fugitve from michigan who was using islam as a way to disguise her id??...if so, she's not exactly a roqet... (view)
Sat 5 Jul, 2003 05:22 am - thanks steissd... (view)
Thu 26 Jun, 2003 08:47 pm - farmer, what is the insect that lays the eggs to the vine borers??... (view)
Thu 26 Jun, 2003 08:06 pm - someone gave me a beautiful mandevilla... [img][/img] i read on a web site that you should "pinch" them to make them i... (view)
Thu 26 Jun, 2003 07:59 pm - you have worms...yes, worms...if you cut into the vine, you'll see the little varmits...same thing happened to me the first time i planted squash... some kind of flying insect (maybe fruit... (view)
Wed 25 Jun, 2003 03:57 am - well i'm certainly close to georgia and alabama... william, this past spring, i spent some time in alabama at the horseshoe bend state park...gathering info for a book about the battle of... (view)
Tue 24 Jun, 2003 10:53 am - :shock: food fit for the carnivorous... :lol: (view)
Sat 21 Jun, 2003 08:41 pm - ok...let me clarify...there's a lot of side-barring going on here... 1. i am not a creationist... 2. i am not promoting religion...i am not trying to prove that religion is superior to... (view)
Sat 21 Jun, 2003 05:48 pm - [b]DNA sure stands up in court! That's science[/b] has DNA proved that species indeed have changed from one species to another??... once again...i am not proposing creationism or... (view)
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