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Born in an alien landscape full of noxious chemicals and a corrosive atmosphere, Fedral fought his way free of the vile hellhole that was New Jersey and finally settled in the 'promised land' of sun and blue skies that is Florida.

I love Gardening, it's been my profession for a great portion of my life. I have been a Gardener in some of the greatest places (Disney, Universal Studios) and some of the worst. No matter how great my problems all I have to do is have my hands in the soil, digging, and all my troubles leach away into the ground.

Since I am no longer working as a Gardener, I have taken a job indoors as a Technical Writer (I always used to say that if I was ever sent to Hell, there would be no Lake of Fire or torture by Demons for me, there would just be a cubicle and florescent lighting)

I am A2K's resident Right Wing Conservative Christian Republican (With some variations from the Party line) and I thank those who made my first days here joyous and memorable.
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Sat 17 Jan, 2009 05:33 am - [quote]No American Band has ever matched the standards set by The Stones, The Beatles, Floyd,Zeppelin,Oasis or the Arctic Monkeys.[/quote] This line made me literaly laugh so hard, blood came... (view)
Thu 15 Jan, 2009 02:37 am - Many, many years ago, I was a crewman on a mobile battlefield nuclear missile system called the Pershing II. (Picture a flatbed tractor trailer with a 30 foot nuclear tipped missile on the back.)... (view)
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Wed 23 Jul, 2008 11:12 am - Sometimes I think we need to licence people to have children. We here in Central Florida are on pins and needles waiting on word from the authorities. (view)
Wed 23 Jul, 2008 10:34 am - #1: There is no part of the U.S. government called the "Special Services" #2: B-52 no longer regularly carry nukes like they did in the M.A.D. days of the Cold War. #3: No plane... (view)
Thu 17 Jul, 2008 04:13 pm - That film makes no sense at all. The can't be over 9000 gun crimes in Britain, because the U.K. made it illegal to own a gun. If no one is allowed to own a gun, there can be no guns in... (view)
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