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Interested in people, cultures, anything Spanish (especially Mexico), books, computers, travel, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Like to cook AND eat - collect recipes, among other things. I'm getting acquainted.

Oh, I have a couple of web sites. One is for the family, with about 15 pages, 75 photos. The other is a little smaller and more eclectic: The URL has just been "fixed." It's now

Big messup for some reason. Maybe the updating to Netscape 7.2, which wiped out ALL of the email files!!!!

However, many of the pix are missing from my web site. I'm in the process of replacing them Give a look some time - and, then again, another time!

09/06/2008 - Now, the entire server burned out!!! This is a whole new outfit - with Vista and all. How lucky can ya get?
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