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Fisherman, with a travel bug.
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Thu 6 May, 2021 03:03 am - What did your last search engine bitch die of? (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 01:26 am - [quote]What's your source for that?[/quote] Just scroll through it and look for yourself. (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 12:56 am - [quote]Facebook Oversight Board upholds Trump's suspension from the platform[/quote] While allowing phishing scammers, fake news, bogus advertising, and pandemic propaganda to flourish. (view)
Wed 5 May, 2021 01:50 am - [youtube] [/youtube] One paedophile, demeaning another. Interesting. (view)
Tue 4 May, 2021 11:21 pm - If former SoS Clinton can destroy crucial evidence during a Senate hearing into her use of a private server for classified govt documents, and then sneer at the camera like nobody can touch her,... (view)
Mon 3 May, 2021 03:02 am - I'm not aware of any qanon theory BS. Can you share some for us? (view)
Mon 3 May, 2021 02:10 am - [quote]just anmpother in the endless stream of useless p[osts from builder. [/quote] Who is that guy? And if his "endless stream" is not worthy of your comment, then why am I reposting... (view)
Mon 3 May, 2021 02:08 am - Sounds like I passed muster. LOL (view)
Sun 2 May, 2021 03:50 am - [quote]Yeah, blah blah cyber tough guy[/quote] These are your words, mate. Is that right? [quote]I very likely would quickly try to knock your incisors and bicuspids down your throat.... (view)
Sun 2 May, 2021 01:52 am - I'd give you two punches head start, and show you where you went wrong. Father was a professional pugilist, winning 33 of 39 bouts at Festival Hall. Taught me everything he knew about the game. (view)
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