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Wed 5 Jul, 2023 01:24 pm - Nope, one level home. Again, it's an old home and the concrete drywall, what they were using back in the day, just pulled away from the nails in the rafters. (view)
Wed 5 Jul, 2023 01:07 pm - Like I said before, we have been dealing with their homeowner's insurance who denied the claim without even sending anyone out to inspect the damage. (view)
Wed 5 Jul, 2023 11:49 am - The three living in the house don't know how to do anything. They sit around and wait on me or my sister to do everything for them then reap the benefits of everyone else's bank... (view)
Wed 5 Jul, 2023 11:39 am - No, they are definitely not living in squallor. Their home is a nice home for them. They raised us all in that home. My issue is the fact that 3 of the 4 siblings sill live in the house, the... (view)
Wed 5 Jul, 2023 10:34 am - I'm 54 years old and my parents moved into their house shortly before I was born. It's now paid for and they, of course, have homeowners insurance. Yes, at this point it's an older... (view)
Thu 29 Jun, 2023 11:40 am - [quote="Mame"] [quote="Barry2021"] I invite a friend to church and now I'm suspect for inviting a female. [/quote] You know very well what she's like. This... (view)
Thu 29 Jun, 2023 08:14 am - [quote="PoliteMight"] Your wife wants be included. Sounds like she needs to lose some weight. [/quote] Wanting to be included doesn't mean make accusations that aren't... (view)
Wed 28 Jun, 2023 12:09 pm - Both me and my wife work from home now since covid hit. I am perm work from home since my company sold it's buildings. My wife just started going back into her office 1 day a week.... (view)
Wed 21 Jun, 2023 05:41 am - [quote="fobvius"] Given that you couldn't attend the wedding perhaps the question of a present too is moot. I tryst they had a lovely wedding.... (view)
Mon 19 Jun, 2023 02:02 pm - Haven't really thought about a gift yet. I just wonder if couples think about the cost to everyone when they plan a destination wedding. They've gotta take a few days off work, blow... (view)
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