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Tue 23 Sep, 2014 04:41 pm - The best direction of the finish floor can depend on the underlying structure. If the structure of the house includes sufficient stability then square with the house would be OK either way.... (view)
Mon 3 Mar, 2014 03:59 pm - A lot of our human destruction is from our point of view. Every species including ours eventually will come to some sort of balance with its environment. This balance generally comes in cycles.... (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2014 07:48 pm - The humidity is probably forming a conductive layer atop the batteries. Clean them very well and use Vaseline Petroleum jelly aroind the terminals and straps if you have them. (view)
Mon 19 Aug, 2013 09:43 am - Since in an infinite universe there would also be an infinite number of differing possibilities the chances of this one coming around again are pretty slim. We probably will never have this... (view)
Mon 19 Aug, 2013 09:31 am - It's a fairly straightforward phenomenon. If you compress a gas then the heat energy that was contained in the previous volume is now contained in a smaller volume thusly raising the temp of... (view)
Sat 10 Aug, 2013 06:43 am - Max, I think yhat you done g00d. Of course that is from my perspective. (view)
Sat 3 Aug, 2013 10:10 am - There are several books that more or less refute the BB Theory. Search Amazon for " The Big Bang Never Happened" There are several books listed on the page by variously qualified... (view)
Tue 30 Jul, 2013 06:09 pm - In trying to understand "relativity theories" Remember that they generally are from the point of view of the obnserver. Any observations that are made have to take into consideration... (view)
Wed 10 Jul, 2013 04:00 pm - Shadow, I think that you are misreading. The speed of light "c" is a constant not constant. In this particular part of the universe "c" happens to run at about 186,000 miles... (view)
Tue 23 Feb, 2010 08:20 pm - I always considered war as a kind of post natal abortion. The societies involved do not consider another body worth maintaining,or educating, hence we must arrange for their deaths. Whatever... (view)
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