iPod...MP3...etc....which is best for me to buy?

Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 11:20 am
I want an inexpensive iPod or MP3 (I have absolutely no idea of what the difference is between the two).

I have less than 10 albums I like enough to want with me on my walks through Central Park...so a huge storage is not a problem.

I have most of the CDs that I want...and Nancy has downloaded them onto our new computer...so I would like some ease of transfering those CDs to the iPod or MP3.

Got any suggestions for what I should look at?

And if you can make a strong suggestion toward one particular one...I would love it.

Thanks in advance.
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 11:26 am
Frank! How long you been back, where ya been, and how are ya?

My fiancee bought me an MP3 with only half a gig of storage, but that suits my purposes fine...
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 11:56 am
I was just informed that MP3's are old skool.

Time to move to the MP4.



From what I see at work, I'd probably recommend an IPOD. Even my ditziest colleagues manage to load songs/videos onto their IPODs.
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 12:00 pm
I know nothing about iPods, but I just wanted to say that I am so glad that you are back. Missed you, heaps!
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 12:04 pm
An ipod is an MP3 player (it also plays other formats).

The cheapest smallest one (It holds around 240 songs) is $79. It is about the size of a match book.

The only problem with it is it is difficult to select a specific song. You load all uour songs on it and it just shuffles them. You can skip songs, but you can't pick a specific song.

An ipod nano ((link) is the cheapest smallest ipod option to be able to pick specific songs. It holds around 500 songs and is $149.
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 12:10 pm
Welcome back, Frank. I was concerned about that deja vu of yours. Like Phoenix, I know nothing of iPods either.
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 01:38 pm
jpinMilwaukee wrote:
An ipod is an MP3 player (it also plays other formats).

In other words, Frank, "MP3" is a digital format (.mp3 file extension) for a song, and an .mp3 file can be downloaded to -- and played by -- your IPOD. There are also other (read "cheaper") types of .mp3 players on the market ... read some reviews online to see if they will work for you. Sounds like you might not need a robust system, just something that will play a few songs. Although the IPOD nano (the one JP linked to) might fit the bill.

Now, getting the music to your IPOD (or other device) is another matter and one above me, since I don't own one (so why listen to me?). I think you can use Windows Media Player or RealPlayer to "rip" the songs from your CDs, and then download them to your player. Probably following the instructions that come with your new device (which may come with specialized software for doing just that).

Glad to be of service to you. Unless, of course, I'm completely wrong, in which case i humbly apologize.
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 02:29 pm
Hi, Frank - nice to see you back in the neighborhood.

The iPod's ubiquity, broad accessorizability, and "no-brainer" protocol make it emminently suitable for folks who don't care to get into the nuts-and-bolts approach to portable A/V entertainment. If one has a computer which supports USB and if one's musical taste does not stray far from mass-market, or at the least if one possesses or has access to music to one's taste which can be loaded to a 'puter, what comes in the iPod's box is all one needs. An iPod will play most formats, but only (theoretically, anyhow Twisted Evil ) iPods will accommodate media downloads from Apple's iTunes Store. Other portable media devices all have their own plusses and minusses, too.

What it comes down to is personal preference - read reviews, talk to users, go to stores and do some hands-on evaluation of the options.

Media apps such as Windows Mediaplayer, RealPlayer, WinAmp, and the like do not natively play well with the iPod's Apple-proprietary format, but work-around 3rd-party plugins of assorted utility/success abound.

All that said, personally, I don't have much use for any of those sort of portable devices; at best, their output comes close to resembling music. By and large, they're tolerable listened to via unimpressive headphones, but sterner playback hardware quickly and unforgivingly reveals their inherent shortcomings.

Sidebar: All else being equal, and X-Box notably aside, given Micro$oft's history of abandoning hardware, I put the Zune in the "Wait and see" category.
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Frank Apisa
Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 03:26 pm
Hello to everyone!

In a private message to Snood, I mentioned that I am not really back. I probably will not visit any of the discussion forums. My temperament is not up to the courtesy and respect required in a few cases (no one here falls into that category) …and I am unwilling to compromise my feelings in order to not get booted.

But A2K is still the best place to get advice when things like iPods are being investigated…so I came to the people I trust most for some recommendations.

I will transmit all the info given here to Santa…who will make the purchase for me…and I am sure she will put it all to good use. (Now why did I write "she"????)

In any case, a big hello to Snood, Beth, Phoenix, jp (new person???), Letty, Ti, and Timber. Hope yez all have a great holiday season. And of course, if Beth or Phoenix get into the Big Apple…get in touch. We'll do some walking, talking, and munchin'. (The last meet at Bernie and Jane's was great. Had a ball.)

Thanks for all the info. It's been a help.
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 03:46 pm
Hi, Frank, even if you're not completely back yet it's great to hear from you, to know that you have not been "rendered" to some obscure middle eastern country for torturing and sexual abuse for all the outrageous things you've said on A2K. In other words, I'm delighted (as I'm sure we all are) to know you're well.
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 03:52 pm
Yo, Frenggee! Howyadoon?
I'm looking into MP3 players myself.
I let you know if I get some good info.
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 04:15 pm
Didn't get that PM for some reason, Frank. And, in case you re-send it, be advised I can't reply (residual punishment from the last time I was banished).
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 04:32 pm
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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2006 09:22 pm
Frank - message received, and thanx for the good wishes. Know that they are returned.
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Reply Wed 13 Dec, 2006 03:00 pm
IPOD or MP3 Player???
An Ipod is an MP3 player, it's just one of the most popular ones people buy... They can hold a huge amount of songs, but if all you're looking for is something to play just a hand full of songs at a time, then I would recomend just an ordinary MP3 player that doesn't cost overly alot... I'm no expert on which brands are the best, but I have an AUDIO brand MP3 Player that only cost me a little over 80 bucks, and I had it for almost 2 years now... You can find those at like Walmart or Future Shop... but if you're willing to pay over 300 bucks for an Ipod that does the same thing except plays more songs, then you can buy that, haha... Hope that helps you out some.
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