[ans]Look what they've done to my thread (about whales), ma!

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Americans are nuts msolga.
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msolga wrote:
Hello jespah

Thanks for responding.

I guess I didn't contact the help desk at the time because I honestly believed that the ongoing behaviour of this person was something of an on-going "feature" of the site & nothing could be done about it. His posts (prior to me going offline) were similarly offensive to what we've had to wear in the past & I assumed we'd just have to continue to continue wearing it. That is frustrating.

Anyway, this has been of some therapeutic benefit, if not much else. It has been good to give my grievance an airing, at least! :wink:

I wasn't talking about at that time, I'm talking about now, this topic. Instead of creating it, it would make our lives about 1000% easier if you aired these grievances on the Help Desk, where we can flag tickets and assign them priority levels, and add them to a calendar, among other things. I'm not asking that to presumably be difficult; I am asking that for a reason.

msolga wrote:
What happened after I went offline, I still have no clue about. I could only guess that what I've described as "trolling activity" & maybe responses to it was the cause of the thread being locked. That made me quite angry. Troll behaviour should not be "rewarded" Rolling Eyes in this way. This just inconveniences everyone & does little to change the attitude & posts of the nuisance.

Like I mentioned the last time I wrote in this topic, the locking was not done to reward anyone, or to anger anyone, it was done to give the Moderators time to discuss the situation. We do not rush to do what we do because mistakes can be made that way. We don't run around like nuts, or at least we try not to, because we are trying to do as good a job as we can, given our resources. See: http://www.able2know.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=30513 Everything said in that topic continues to apply today.

msolga wrote:
It occurs to me that a few, simple, pre-prepared notices could be sent to the instigator of a locked thread (or even appear as a notification post on the locked thread) when this happens .... eg: this thread has been temporary locked due to unacceptable behaviour by participating posters .... or as a result of offensive material being posted... or .....? That could save a bit of anger, confusion. And it would have taken far less time than it's taken you to respond to this. Just a thought.

No, I'm sorry, but that does not fly because I would still have to post those prepared notices. And you know what happens when you see the same thing over and over again -- you stop reading it.

We have over 63,000 members. There is way more spam than you know about. There are members who post porn, ones who post links to malware and ones who may be shading into illegal acts. This is way more than you ever see, and we take pride in trying to be on top of the myriad of issues that arise every single day. Also, there are dozens of topics responded to every day, hundreds every week and thousands every month. Notifications could easily number in the hundreds every week, as we offered up explanations (and, as you can see, follow ups and other additions) for every little thing we did. Your notice is here: http://www.able2know.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=30513 If your topic is locked, assume it is being worked on by the Moderators. That is a very, very safe assumption.

When you go to a concert, you and a few hundred or even a thousand other people, are not given a personal notice that the guy in the third oboe chair has a cold. The orchestra just plays and, if notice is given at all, it is done in a quick announcement or a tiny flyer is tucked into the program -- and if your program is somehow missing that tiny flyer, no one goes around trying to tell everyone who might possibly not have the flyer. Well, the same is true of A2K. http://www.able2know.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=30513 is your notification that the guy in the third oboe chair, at some point in the future, might have the sniffles.

msolga wrote:
I wish I could create a 48 hour day for you, too, jespah. I have no doubt that keeping A2K running smoothly is a big job for you & the other moderators & you do it very well. My intention here was not to to create extra work for you. I simply wanted to get a problem aired & I'm glad I've had the opportunity to do this.


I appreciate your concern and I understand the need to vent, but from my perspective, such questions have to be answered, and it turns very rapidly into a time sink for us. I don't mean to sound obstreporous and I am sorry if I do. It is not personal and is not intended to be that way. But I know you have asked about notifications before, and I wanted to clear it up before we move on. I hope that we are at an understanding, my friend.
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