Happy Birthday: 60 Years North Rhine-Westphalia

Reply Wed 23 Aug, 2006 11:23 am
NRW (which is North Rhine-Westphalia [Nordrhein-Westfalen] and my home state) celbrates its 60th birthday today.

Nordrhein-Westfalen is a Land (state) of Germany. It is bordered by The Netherlands and Belgium (west) and by the Länder (states) of Lower Saxony (north), Hesse (east), and Rhineland-Palatinate (south).

North Rhine-Wesphalia was created in 1946 through the amalgamation of the former Prussian province of Westphalia and the northern portion of the Prussian Rhine province; the state of Lippe was incorporated in 1947.

Sketch of "Operation Marriage"
Source: Landeszentrale NRW

Within the British zone, the states (Länder) of Schleswig-Holstein, Hannover and North Rhine-Westphalia are set up on 23 August 1946. Under the Washington Agreement of 2 December 1946 the economic and administrative authorities of the British and American Zones are merged to form the "Bizone".

Timeline/Chronicle of NRW (in English)

wikipedia.com: North Rhine-Westphalia

NRW tourism (in English)
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Wed 23 Aug, 2006 11:52 am
For those, who are not really aware of the various (independent) historic states in Germany, Interactive Map of North Rhine - Westphalia might be interesting.

Copied/pasted from that:


If the political situation today would be the same as in 1789, I was born in the Dukedom Westphalia (part of the Electorate of Cologne - "Geseke", yellow arrow) and live now in the Bishopric of Münster (marked in red).
Lippstadt, my village is part of today, was in those days a "condonium" = a town, owned by two countries (Dukedom of Berg [later Prussia] and Principality of Lippe.
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Reply Sat 23 Sep, 2006 02:52 pm
Interesting little topic with a great deal of information there Walt. Thank you.

Congratulations on your Home States 60th as well.

Just as a matter of interest, what are the main exports from Germany today?
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Reply Sat 23 Sep, 2006 03:05 pm
Happy '60'[/b][/size], Walter and Neighbors!
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Reply Sat 23 Sep, 2006 03:15 pm
From America to Germany, a birthday song:

Westphalia Waltz Lyrics

Westphalia Texas Waltz
Lyrics by: Mickey Newbury

He said to her My little darlin',
You're as lovely as I did recall,
and her eyes brightly sparkled like diamonds,
as her tears started slowly to fall.
Oh yes I can clearly remember,
he said with a slow Texas drawl,
and she smiled as she softly surrendered,
to the strains of the Westphalia Waltz.
Instrumental till key change up:
He stood as the sun in the mornin',
rose up on Wichita Falls,
and there in the dim light she watched,
as he sauntered on off down the hall,
Oh yes I can clearly remember,
he said with a slow Texas drawl,
and she smiled as she softly surrendered,
to the strains of the Westphalia Waltz,
Instrumental till final verse:
Oh yes I can clearly remember,
that night and San Antone Rose,
she smiled as she softly surrendered,
to the strains of the Westphalia Waltz.

Brave Combo. :wink:
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 24 Sep, 2006 09:10 am
Thank you, Letty, for that wonderful tune, the Westphalia Waltz!

(Any Rhinish polka?) :wink:
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Reply Sun 24 Sep, 2006 09:29 am
i'm familiar with westphalia (NRW today) through "Baron Gisbert von Bomberg " (also known as "der tolle bomberg") , a somewhat more modern "muenchhausen" , i believe .

a book about his life was one of my favourite ones as a boy - and i brought it with me to canada and still read it now and then .


if he'd still be around , he'd have quite a party Laughing !
so here's a big "happy birthday" to all of westphalia , walter and "der tolle bomberg" !

btw even though the picture shows him wearing a (prussian Shocked ) uniform , in the book he is usually portrayed as wearing civvies .
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Reply Sun 24 Sep, 2006 09:30 am
Just happen to have one handy, Walter. Tried to find the German lyrics by Rosmunda without much success:

English lyrics
There's a garden, what a garden,
Only happy faces bloom there
And there's never any room there
For a worry or a gloom there.
Oh! there's music and there's dancing
And a lot of sweet romancing
When they play a polka
They all get in the swing:

Ev'ry time they hear that oom-pa-pa
Ev'rybody feels so tra-la-la
They want to throw their cares away
They all go lah-de-ah-de-ay,
Then they hear a rumble on the floor
It's the big surprise they're waiting for
And all the couples form a ring
For miles around you'll hear them sing


Roll out the barrel
We'll have a barrel of fun
Roll out the barrel
We've got the blues on the run.
Zing! Boom! Ta-ra-rel
Ring out a song of good cheer!
Now's the time to roll the barrel
For the gang's all here.
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