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The first mentioning of an ancestor, Diethmar von Hinthlere (in Latin Diethmaro de Henthlere), dated 1287

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Sun 19 Jan, 2020 01:04 pm - As Sullenberger said:"A speech disorder is a lot easier to treat than a character defect." But "Stop. Grow up. Show some decency." seems to be of of range for many. (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2020 11:15 am - [quote="oralloy"]Classic ad hominem. Ignore the message. Attack the messenger.[/quote] (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2020 10:50 am - Well, there are many British tourists in continental Europe - and driving there. (We still have around 20,000 British military personals and their families where I live.) (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2020 10:20 am - There are only a few countries where the driving is on the left side, in Europe Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom. Since it seems to happened mainly with US diplomats (that is: cars... (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2020 09:25 am - [quote="blatham"]you're just a foreigner with little knowledge or sense. [/quote]I guess I have to go crying again in my men's selfhelp group (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2020 09:21 am - Not "only" the elderly get cancer. The disease rate among younger people, especially women, is increasing and one third of those affected do not survive the cancer. A few years ago,... (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2020 09:03 am - [quote="Lash"]One more $.87 argument from Walter.[/quote]My linked quote is from the Daily Dot. I have nothing to do with that "digital media company covering Internet culture and... (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2020 08:32 am - [url=][b]Are people really demanding their money back from Elizabeth Warren?[/b][/url][quote][b]It comes down to who you believe[/b]... (view)
Sun 19 Jan, 2020 05:21 am - Well, actually a simple google search shows the [i]Treasury International Capital (TIC) System -- Home Page[/i] with links to the most recent (January 16) data, e.g.... (view)
Sat 18 Jan, 2020 12:49 pm - [quote="Finn dAbuzz"] This is science? No legitimate scientist would ever claim that 2019 was the "second-hottest year ever" [/quote]Perhaps you missed that I quoted a... (view)
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