Goa/psychedelic trance & other electronic music!

Reply Sun 11 May, 2003 02:49 am
yeah, I just went over to phpbb forums & thought that was pretty funny. I's too lazy to go back there & try to figure out who I ripped it off from though.
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Craven de Kere
Reply Sun 11 May, 2003 02:54 am
I've not logged in there for a while, but I remember that sig.
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Reply Thu 22 May, 2003 10:05 pm
I have one by Goa named Head Rush. Don't have a
clue if it's a good one or not, my middle daughter and
I share passion for music, so she frequently tells me
what's new and interesting. Trance is one of her most
favorite type right now I think, so I even have some
Moby, Paul Oakenfold or something like that. I try to
keep up with what's new, though it gets tougher as I get
older... but Gwyn is a great teacher. Meanwhile I keep
her tuned into some great classical stuff, and really
good Broadway tunes as well as all time greats from
movies that I collect. I also am fond of most of Chopin's
moody nocturnes, and so is Gwyn - so as far apart as
we are, we have alot of common ground.
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Reply Thu 22 May, 2003 10:37 pm
Babs, is there a group named Goa or something?

I's was talking about the Indian city Goa (where a certain style of trippy-ish trance originated).
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Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2003 10:37 am
My boyfriend first got me listening to Goa when he sent me 'Dance of the Witches' by S.U.N Project - which I really, really like. I've not really looked into it more though, so I only know about 3 bands (S.U.N Project, G-Zero and Beach Hunt)
I'm into more the Industrial and Industrial Electronic bands, so if anyone wants me to reccomend some bands / songs I'll be way more than happy to!
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Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2003 10:43 pm
Scarling, I'd luv to hear your recommendations! Dance of the Witches is indeed a cool song...I listed it number 1 on my S.U.N. Project list a few pages back. Those guys are bloody wicked performing live!
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Reply Thu 5 Jun, 2003 07:30 am
Okay, kool.. I have no idea how many of these you'll have heard of before, so I'll list the popular aswell as the unsigned bands. They'll be either Industrial or Industrial Eletronic...

16 Volt
9mm [highly reccomended]
Angels and Agony
Assemblage 23 [highly reccomended!]
Decoded Feedback
Devil May Cry
Digital Burn
Dope Prophet
Front 242
Frontline Assembly
Gravity Kills
h3Llb3Nt [hellbent] [highly reccomended]
Icon of Coil
In Strict Confidene
In the Nursery
Juno Reactor
Nakano Toshiba Armed Guard
Powerman 5000
Primal Engine [highly reccomended]
Primal Scream
Rob Zombie
Skinny Puppy
Suicide Commando
Switchblade Symphony [especially the remixes]
The Dreamstate Project
Victim 115
Violent Work of Art
VNV Nation
White Zombie
X Marks the Pedwalk [highly reccomended]
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Reply Thu 5 Jun, 2003 10:29 am
Thanks Scarling!! I haven't heard most of them, and I'll try them out asap. The artists from your list whose music I've heard are 16 Volt, Hatebreed, KMFDM, Primal Scream and Rob Zombie. I'm right in the middle of moving houses at the moment, but I'll let you know the ones I liked once I can start downloading on my own computer again.
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Reply Thu 4 Sep, 2003 04:42 pm
hi there,

ive updated our web site with samples from our upcoming album -"Shulman - In Search of a Meaningful Moment". the album is planned for release in October 2003.

more info can be found on our website...

EDIT (Moderator): Do not post your links.

all the best and more
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Reply Thu 4 Sep, 2003 05:22 pm
My current choice is - tune : tok tok vs. soffy o - day of mine (starecase remix) and album : rise against - revolutions per minute ( 'dead ringer' and 'last chance blueprint' were on repeat hah )
Or mauro picotto - new time new place from his alchemist ep with ricky effe
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Reply Thu 4 Sep, 2003 10:33 pm
I like those Infected Mushroom samples a lot- I put them on my shopping list for the record store, thanks Exclamation Very Happy I just discovered this cool site through a Google search because I'm looking for some new music and this thread popped up- thanks for that list Scarling (I've heard less than half of them)!

I got some mp3s of a few that weren't listed here that I like a lot

Expansion Union- freakshow
Freaky Chakra- downspace
Birmingham 6- policestate (mature bite mix) my mom says this one sounds like a washing machine Laughing
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Craven de Kere
Reply Thu 4 Sep, 2003 10:35 pm
Thanks! Welcome to A2K.
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Reply Thu 23 Oct, 2003 08:18 pm
How about the Alabama 3 - Exile on Coldharbour Lane.....'Aint Goin' to Goa' is one of my all time favourites (I forgot to put it on my list)......and 'U Don't Dans 2 Tekno Anymore' is an absolute classic...... Smile
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Reply Thu 23 Oct, 2003 10:35 pm
Cool, rendal, glad you liked 'em...your angelfire links aren't working right now though. I'll try to track down the tracks you and jill listed if I can. Cheers, guys
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Reply Tue 28 Oct, 2003 08:04 am
My recent favourite electronica discovery is Gabin, a French CD, which touches on that Parisian sound of St Germain Cafe/Buddha Bar/Hotel Costes compilations.

I don't up/download music so can't post you any links!
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Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2003 07:49 pm
Monger, I'm now an Infected Mushroom and S.U.N. Project junkie Laughing Now I need more music- can you recommend any other goa trance bands?

Thanks a lot,
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Reply Sat 15 Nov, 2003 04:48 pm
Sure, I like a lot by Bamboo Forest, Juno Reactor (they mix in other styles), Hallucinogen, Analog Pussy, 1200 Micrograms (try their track "Mescaline"), Alien Project, Astrix and some others. . .

Any particular tracks by Infected Mushroom & SUN Project that stand out to ya?
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Reply Sun 16 Nov, 2003 11:03 pm
Monger wrote:
your angelfire links aren't working right now

I uploaded those files so you can try those links again. Out of the groups you mentioned I've heard Juno Reactor (I like them a lot!). I downloaded '1200 micrograms- mescaline'- great song! They're on my shopping list Very Happy

The I.M. and SUN project tracks that really stood out for me were:

S.U.N. Project- looking for you (sexperimental)
Computer Breath (paranormal)
frisco machines (remix)

Infected Mushroom- bust a move (classical mushroom)
the Spaniard (bp empire)
release me (the gathering)
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Reply Mon 17 Nov, 2003 11:54 am
Nice tracks, those. I love 'Looking for You' and 'Bust a Move'! Goa trance is even better live though. Wink Did'ya recognise johnny depp's Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas lines in 'Mescaline'?
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Reply Tue 2 Dec, 2003 05:10 pm
Not Goa trance, but on "other electronic music" - if you like that analogue-ish eighties retro electro(clash) stuff, perhaps you'll like this track my bro'-in-law put online ... here.

He's really a jazz musician, got his own group and all, had some cd-stuff out, but he's also always been dabbling in this kinda ultra-low-key electronic stuff by his own ... i was lukewarm about much of it cause he never quite caught on with that clubby feeling i'd gotten into - a generation thing i guess, i wanted it more intricate, louder, passionate, danceable. But he did do some songs that were absolute genius. And now, of course, that brand of back-to-1982 electro is all the rage again, so who knows! I think this track is nicely moody - the lyrics/english thing kinda remains a problem but its kinda cute.

Anway, if you like it leave a note he always likes feedback ;-)
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