Suicide And Assisted Suicide

Reply Wed 18 Jan, 2006 07:56 pm
material girl wrote:
There was a story of a canniball advertising for a person to be eaten.
One guy willingly replied, they met up, the canniball ate him.
Now the canniball is being arrested for something like murder.

I dont get it, it was all consentual!

You mean this guy?...he "went down" for manslaughter, but it's big time controversial.

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Reply Wed 18 Jan, 2006 08:09 pm
I saw a documentary which talked about the whole incident - The Man Who Ate His Lover. The story was fascinating - he did an ad on the net and first met someone else who decided they didn't want to go through with it last minute. When he was killing his second victim, they made him drunk and M then cut off B's ... ummm... and then fried it but it became burnt and he couldn't eat it. He left the foot till last because he wanted to decorate it - putting it on a platter and all. It was unbelivable, and IMO, perverse to the extreme.
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Reply Wed 18 Jan, 2006 08:54 pm
no matter what a religion or law says, if someone wants to kill themselves they will and can.

They just need to keep quiet about thier deicision so noone intrudes.

I think suicide is the one of the few things that no law can control when it comes to human lives.

Unless, you make it physicaly impossible for someone to do it... example , put them in a padded room with no clothing.
A bit extreme, but that would be one way to enforce the " no suicide ' rule..
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Reply Wed 18 Jan, 2006 09:07 pm

...are not most suicides attempts more about the attempt than actually wanting "not to be"?

If you came across someone in the bath with veins open..what would you do?

I'm not baiting, just curious...I'm ambivalent about this myself.
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Reply Wed 18 Jan, 2006 09:52 pm
Absolutly agree.
Attempts are simply a cry for help. Those who WANT to commit suicide, DO.

I would be hard pressed NOT to help them. But if it was obviously a suicide attempt " gone right" ?

I would leave them be.
Then call an ambulance after they died, and not before.
I would have to admit that it would take ALOT for me to do this, but I think ( have not been in this situation so who knows.. ) that respect for that persons choices would over ride my need to " fix it"
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