Liberal Hypocrisy about Intelligent Design

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@cicerone imposter,
There are some bus ervices I believe. You didnt have a rental car? Hmmmmmm. when you get to the hotel, check with the concierge and get the SEPTA lines information I think theres some trains like the R-4 or R-5 (The SEPTA lines all use the pefix "R" to denote their routes)
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Reply Tue 24 May, 2011 04:49 am
@ebrown p,
ebrown p wrote:

I have been thinking this and am suprised that this has not been brought up.

Intelligent Design is Ebonics for science.

Ironically the liberals who support Ebonics as an alternative to English are unwilling to support Intelligent Design as an alternative to Science.

The theory in Ebonics is that a cultural group was not brought up with the grammatical constructs of standard English. It was therefore unreasonable to expect them to use "correct" English (at least not right away)-- and what is correct English anyway.

Intelligent design has a cultural group that is that lacks the logic and reason of standard science. It is therefore unreasonable to expect them to use "correct" science-- and what is correct science anyway.

So what of it. Is there anyone who supports both Ebonics and intelligent Design?

Isn't it inconsistant to support one without the other?
ID has utterly been debunked, all it's arguments beign counterargumented in a major lawsuit.
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