Reply Thu 6 Dec, 2012 09:19 pm
I am an avid evolution advocate. Even when I was deep in my religious phase I was still a strong evolutionist.

This is not the religious part of me that is starting this thread this is the part of me that sometimes is in awe of our universe and world.

I was thinking about how the sun was perfect for life because life is attracted to the warmth and light giving properties of the sun.

So we evolved to make use of the energy source most readily available.

Yet still there is some sort of intelligence there. It does not have to be the intelligence of God it may just be the rudimentary way of nature.

Nature does not have to be devoid of intelligence. Many speculate that nature draws its intelligence from geometry. But how do mere shapes become diversity? How does a round stone floating in space become a planet teaming with life?

Well the answer is gravity. Gravity is a force that science has yet to explain. Scientists theorize about gravity and they certainly do not doubt its existence but there is no equation that proves gravity other than a belief that since we can see the effects of gravity we know it must exist. Think that, one of the most fundamental forces of the physical world we still have no definition for.

In fact you could disbelieve in the existence of gravity and science could not prove you wrong. They could just by the preponderance of evidence make a convincing argument that you were not right.

Just like God. We believe in the forces that would guide this God, wisdom, intelligence, love... But we cannot define this God.

Gravity is a force that existed before life evolved... Did gravity exist before the big bang? What exactly is the nature of gravity? Is gravity part intellect and part force? Is gravity spiritual?

Gravity seems to be attracted to the heavy metal side of the periodic spectrum. Gravity inhabits the world of mass and energy. How light and gravity are connected is mysterious too and how many dimensions are there and what is the purpose of such places?

I tend to think our world could not have been contrived in a more intelligent manner, even though it has all evolved and that matter comes from the big bang. Gravity is still the mystery of it all, opposites and contrasts that over time create symmetry and automation. Where there is mass and matter there is always gravity. Gravity must be on the other side of our dimensional plane and matter is what filters gravity out.

One might think that gravity is part of a much older big bang.

If so then the universe and its foundations were initiated perhaps an unfathomable amount of time ago. To think one first event could have started off billions and billions of years of evolution.

What were the events that created gravity? And what were the events that created these events. It seems we orbit around an ever greater sun than our physical sun. All of time is a cycle. We are either the first of humanity to evolve or we are born into a long family of humanoids spread throughout the universe. What our collective purpose is to communicate to one another. One day it just may be gravity or some other imperceptible theorized particle that enables us to do that.

Before we perceived, invented and facilitated world wide use of computers and the internet we could never have predicted the advent of this technology. The technology turned out to be much more grander than our imagination would have fancied. Science in reality is much more intelligent than even science fiction. With fiction you are not forced to think you just continually invent. But with science you come up against hurdles and obstacles where finding the answer is not simply making up the most interesting answer but actually digging and unraveling the actual way of science. That method and deduction lead to our era's greatest inspiration and discovery.

Many times technology is not what we want but what we instead need. Programs are geared for productivity. Out of known science comes great revelations and thought for future plans.

I wouldn't call putting people on an earth with a moon circling around it and them both circling around a sun, a stupid idea.

This combination of moons, planets and suns may perhaps be the only grouping of factors that would facilitate the evolution of life over millions of years. The fact that this is an evident feature of our universe one might just marvel at the splendor of such an algorithm.

If life requires a moon, earth and sun to evolve then that would make us quite unique being we are the result of this unique feature and having conscious knowledge of our own existence. Here we stand knowing that we exist as products of this wondrous place somehow. We are aware of our planetary uniqueness. We can perceive of the imperceptible chance that we survived over billions of years to one day be living here blogging on the internet together.

Is the number pi intelligent? Is zero intelligent? Is gravity intelligent? Are bacteria and animals intelligent? Is intelligence all that God is?

Is the earth a conscious being capable of intelligence? Can't nature itself embody intelligence considering intelligent life evolved from it? It would seem the physical world would need to be digitized and quantized to nearly an infinity imperceptible whisper of a particle in order to imprint a copy of itself translated into biological life.

How does geometry make dust and how does dust make a living organism?

Bio diversity. Intelligent design does not mean that there is a God it just in its initial inference means that our world is fashioned out of complex and highly quantified particles.

Instead of intelligent design I would say intelligent composition. It is not crude but wondrous and insightful.

Rare earth minerals, the ocean currents, how to grow a tomato or corn, human interaction and civilization a kaleidoscopic of wonder and spectacular array of grandeur. Life full of surprise and challenge.

I would say it was designed intelligently because it was designed naturally. The Earth was not formed before the sun was made. Leaves do not fall from trees before the tree grows them and they have the perchance to die.

Rain does not commonly emerge from the ground and fall up to the sky...

Nature can be intelligent without having to be an affront to prove the validity of some deity.

It is just as contrived to say the universe was created by the wings of a butterfly flapping in the wind, or by a golden egg that was mothered by a turtle, or maybe out of an endless and infinite void enough matter coalesced to form such a curious place.
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Reply Thu 6 Dec, 2012 09:43 pm
Probably a tough question, but how do you then define intelligence, since you say that intelligence may be the rudimentary way of nature?
Reply Fri 7 Dec, 2012 04:29 am
"Rivers form tree-like figures on the desert Bali California, Mexico."
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Reply Tue 18 Dec, 2012 07:06 pm
RST wrote:

Probably a tough question, but how do you then define intelligence, since you say that intelligence may be the rudimentary way of nature?

To me personally I perceive that certain things to me have an intelligent design. This design is innate within the body or structure.

I am not sure if I have ever told people here but I am a (modest) 3D and 2D graphic artist. I have been studying vector geometry for a little over 20 years.

This 3d design knowledge I have accumulated should at least give me a voice when it is in this regard to "intelligent design". Not that I am saying that what I design is intelligent or that my opinion about intelligence is relevant but I believe it to be relevant.

My first object that occurs nearly everywhere in our universe is the sphere. Is the sphere intelligent? Well our brains are encased within a sphere. Nature is full of spheres. Is a sphere intelligent? Well it can be...

Pi being innate within the sphere represents an infinite singularity. Our entire universe is pi within a sphere.

My second object is the cube. The cube is also obviously a great object, with the cube you build the pyramid..

Third the pyramid... The pyramid is the catalyst to another form of objects. Objects we call Hieroglyphs they evolve into symbols, characters, math and nebula of philosophy, thought and spirituality.

Since humans are formed by these spheres, shapes, symbols, words... we thus inherit their primal wisdom, nature and philosophy they impart...

Hope you like my art.

Thanks for the question RST Smile
Reply Tue 18 Dec, 2012 07:30 pm

This is the spatial origin of ALL crystalline substances
Reply Tue 18 Dec, 2012 07:34 pm
That is an incredible object to speculate upon FM, thanks for sharing Smile Reminds me of the string game "Jacobs ladder".
Reply Tue 18 Dec, 2012 08:01 pm
Its a doubly pierced tetrahedron (The molecule of the cube). The tetrahedron is the principle and simplest crystalline molecular form. ALL crystal systems start with this basic structure.

Thats where the Mandelbrot world and chemistry bump into each other
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Reply Sat 29 Dec, 2012 04:01 am
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Reply Mon 25 Feb, 2013 08:12 pm
What is intelligent design? ZERO...
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Reply Thu 11 Apr, 2013 12:50 pm
I am bringing this post back for a few reasons...

First off I was not aware when I started this post that liberals are so dead set against the words "intelligent design"..

I can understand why though.

By admitting to intelligent design, liberals would be opening the door for religious freaks to come in and pretend they know the first thing about scientific method and corrupt true science with faulty religious precepts.

Yet my problem with liberals is they seem to think God and humans are the only intelligent forces in nature.

I believe the earth itself is intelligent and the sun is a form of intelligence and so is dark matter and energy... Can science prove me wrong on this hypothesis? No...

Just because someone believes in intelligent design does not mean the designer has to be God...

I am not saying the universe was created by God but it was created by some sort of physical energy... A similar energy that is in the sun and much like the gravitational energy of the earth. Is a God needed to explain this energy and intelligent design? No, just intelligence. Humans (some at least) have it and so can the earth, sun, and moon...

We are the offspring of the earth and the surrounding factors and it is the height of arrogance that our parents are made dumb and without physical properties that code for what we have witnessed as "existence"...

The words "intelligent design" should not evoke God, but remain "within" the boundaries of science and the physical world to explain real phenomenon. Like, the emergence of DNA... I think the earth, sun and moon are quite a form of physical intelligence to have done such a miraculous feat... There is no need to dumb down the stars and planets just so we avoid God... Avoid God but give credit where credit is due... Don't give an inch to creationists but don't detract an inch from the actual wonder of our earth and its ability to create life from the dust of the ground...

Is that intelligent design? Well not all designs are intelligent.

Yet the miraculous feat of life created by a sphere floating in space accompanied by a moon and a sun is quite a glory to behold...

Scientists say it would take an enormous amount of energy for God to exist...

Exactly the amount of energy they theorize is in dark energy.

I seriously doubt that dark energy is the God of any of the holy books... But is dark energy the designer of our universe? Quite likely...

This is a question for science too, even though they are possibly many years away from a definitive answer...
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Reply Fri 12 Apr, 2013 09:55 am
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