Guess how many sq.ft. of floor can be covered by 5 lbs of flour.

Reply Wed 12 Jul, 2023 03:55 pm
We had a leak in our kitchen sink this week and the water soaked the bottom of a 5 lb bag of flour, a box of Brillo Pads, and several boxes of cleaning products. I emptied everything from under the sink and tossed the soaked items into a big garbage bag to be discarded. I forgot how ingenious dogs can be so I just tied the bag up to be discarded today. This morning, while we took showers, precious pup headed downstairs and tore thru the bag, grabbed the 5 pound bag and ripped it apart spreading flour over most of the kitchen floor.

I hate to complain, after all I did put a solid unwrapped bag of flour in a green garbage bag, AND THEN TOOK A FREAKING SHOWER. I should know better (and I do) but I didn't think she would get rambunctious at 7 o'clock in the FREAKING MORNING. Excuse me a few minutes while I try to find a tranquilizer.
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Reply Wed 12 Jul, 2023 03:59 pm
Ouch. Bet it seems like 1 sq. mile.
Reply Wed 12 Jul, 2023 04:46 pm
I think it is 1 sq. mile.
Reply Thu 13 Jul, 2023 01:24 am
At least it's flour and not doggy diarrhoea.

Reply Thu 13 Jul, 2023 05:01 am
A point well made.

On a slightly different note but along similar direction. I sometimes sit on the sofa and eat my lunch on a serving tray. While attempting to pour salad dressing from a squeeze bottle, I accidentally squeezed the top off the bottle. The dressing squirted all over me, the iPad, the sofa and whatever was in its path. It would have been my Cockapoo too but luckily she was elsewhere.

Stuff happens!
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Thu 13 Jul, 2023 02:38 pm
And a minimum 7" deep.

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Reply Sat 15 Jul, 2023 07:10 pm
I see things have been going smoothly in my absence. Very Happy
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Reply Sat 15 Jul, 2023 08:22 pm
They're just like toddlers - you can't leave them alone! Lots of clean-up for you and so early in the morning too!

My daughter's little Jack Russel, Buddy, gets into everything too. While I had friends visiting from Europe, Buddy was here too for a few days. We left him at the house while going out to lunch. When we came back my guests went down to their guest suite and screamed: their suitcase was in disarray, clothes thrown out and an edible present was torn apart and empty!

Buddy got into a box of Marzipan candy (luckily no chocolate), and ate the entire thing. I called the Veterinarian and they said that he'll vomit all of it out soon......that's exactly what happened. At first he had an extended belly and then he started vomiting for good 30 minutes and that was the end of it.

The cleanup was not so pleasant, but we were happy that Buddy had no other problems. For the rest of the day he was rather quiet.
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