How Bob Kane Beat Hitler

Sun 12 Feb, 2023 05:00 am
Jean Jacobs Roberts, was a struggling heroin dealer, in Puerto Rico, having spent five generations on the island, their heroin shipment consumed by Navasah geese, extinct from the process.

Shipped in from the War Department, on Vice President Truman's orders, several criminals, mobsters, and a cop (my great grandfather, Ernest, alias "Lucky Charlie", Canada Department), came together, to counter Adolf Hitler's corner on the patent lawyer market, through copyright lawyers, collectibles ("Dick Tracy").

After writing "Batman", through Ernest's exploits, Bob Kane, his alias (Kane, Lincoln, Poe, Gast, Knievel, Hardy, Manson, the aliases of Clan Evil), ordered "dicks" drawn, pistols, on a reversed body of writing, a form, terrifying Jewish authors, into working FBI COINTELPRO (coin, currency exchange, tele, location, pro, prostitution), by claiming the comic, for the US government, the future model.

The evil of the act, shocked a Williamson, who drew his penis, and was promptly shot (the Duke of Orange), so Ernest, had to bind him in Hell, with the name "Lennox", through a book of "Chinese logic", Islamic pimping, his own tradition, of Muhammadan-Khanate, rigging banks through getting a temporary girlfriend (the cat, the ruler of the Eritrean-Jews, the Evils), to refuse the Tong (provisional law enforcement banking, through Triads, the Chinatown Special, on the menu, one per dietary need).

Despite DC Comics having since been sold, to Time Warner Cable, through my efforts, the project "moot" (the creation of 4chan, through Yoodles, Amish accusations of sexual molestation, by women, Nazi farm sponsors. enslaving Navy men for their big buttocks, through Lady Carole art), and the involvement of the Boers (the Gestapo, myself, Batman, however English, Pierre the Coward, the silent hand of England, in the Crusades, Robin of Lockesley), we've managed it.

As for you Marvel scumbags, incarceration of Israelis for wanting to see the Statue of Liberty, is still illegal, so we've sold you to Disney, so Marvel heroes, can be the cops' kids, and your drug dealers, can be the villains, future state police.

Image Comics is still banned, by the Boy Scouts of America, the CIA. Get a real job, Maximum Carnage, if you want to be CIA, and write for a living, while working NYPD (or, if you're in Los Angeles, scout out online universities, pay in advance, to kill Charlie Manson, for approaching your kid at recess, because he wrote a script).
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