I'd Is it common for straight women to not like traditionally masculine "bad boy" men?

Reply Thu 12 Jan, 2023 05:06 pm
I'm very insecure about women. I'm (25) and have never been in a relationship. I've only had sex twice.

I want to date but Im worried women prefer bad boy. How well-founded are my fears?
I worry that any woman I date won't be actually attracted to me. I'm not an especially masculine guy and have no desire to be one. I've always been introverted and bookish. I don't like being very aggressive in bed.

I was always told "Girls may like bad boys and jocks now but when they're older and want to settle then they'll date somebody like you!" The thing is I don't want to date somebody that just views me as the stable alternative to the sexy guy she really wants. That's like how I choose salad because its healthier even though I prefer burgers. It's not that my tastes have changed.

This is very common in media created by and for women. Gilmore Girls, Fifty Shades (which was incredibly popular), and Outlander. Outlander involves a woman cheating on her professor husband with an aggressive brute.

You can say these are just fantasies, but fantasies don't exist in a vacuum or come out of nowhere. There's even this line from Psychology Today:

"the delicate, tentative guy who politely thinks about you and asks if this is okay or that is okay is a guy who may meet the expectations of your gender politics (treats me as an equal; is respectful of me; communicates with me) and your parents’ preferences, but he may also put you into a sexual coma—not despite these qualities, but because of them."

Even based on women I know personally much of this holds up. For instance, I knew a 27 year-old woman (very well-educated) who almost risked her job to get with a buff, tattooed frat guy.

I don't want to be in a relationship that involves such an asymmetry of attraction. That puts me in a vulnerable position. The other hand is that I can't suddenly become an aggressive bad boy. What if I'm on a date with a woman and some guy insults me? What if some drunk tries to fight me? Is she going to be turned off seeing me being beat up?
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Reply Thu 12 Jan, 2023 08:36 pm
Yes, it's common for straight women to have other preferences.

It's almost like.... women are individuals.
Reply Thu 12 Jan, 2023 09:04 pm
jespah wrote:

It's almost like.... women are individuals.

Whoa...wait! When did that happen?
Reply Thu 12 Jan, 2023 09:41 pm
Recently. Very recently.
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Reply Fri 13 Jan, 2023 10:01 am
All women are different; I wonder where you go to meet women? Maybe you are going to places that attract the type of woman that would not be interested in you.

Go to places that you like; then you will meet women that have more of the interests of you. You have to put yourself in a position where you are more likely to be around women similar to yourself and also where you would need to engage with them.

For example, if you like to read and you go to the library, or a bookstore, there may likely be women like you there, but there is no engagement. However if the the bookstore is offering some sort of program, like I actually saw this, there was a gathering of people to color. Yeah an adult coloring group. Well they all sat at tables together coloring, so it puts all in a position to engage and talk while coloring.

Of course it does not need to be coloring, I gave that as an example because you can find almost any sort social gathering.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Fri 3 Feb, 2023 02:03 pm
Incel whinery. But do tell?
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Reply Sun 5 Feb, 2023 09:15 am
Yes, the bad boy attraction of women is a thing. Just one of the many potholes in the realm of male-female relationships. No surprise to see the explosion of LGBTQIA+ confusion surrounding them.

Your instincts are reliable. Don’t try to be that bad boy, it’s all bullshit. You be you through all the rough roads ahead.
Reply Sun 5 Feb, 2023 11:57 am
OMG, I can’t believe I said 'potholes'. I meant. 'IEDs'.
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