Facebook Tagging - Is My Girlfriend Lying To Me?

Reply Wed 30 Nov, 2022 12:11 pm
AM I GOING CRAZY?! This has happened twice.

1) I tagged my girlfriend in a post.
2) I was able to view the tagged post on her Facebook page
3) After she logged in the tagged post was not viewable on her page
4) I asked her why it wasn't on her page
5) She responded, "IDK, I didn't remove it. It must be a privacy setting."

SO THE QUESTION: Is there a single privacy setting which would allow the post to display on her page, and then disappear without her intentionally removing it?

ADDITIONAL INFOMATION: The tag still remains, but the post isn't on her page. Other friends tag her, and it stays on her page. I know you can set Facebook to allow you to review tags BEFORE they go on your page, but I saw it displayed on her page. To me, that means it was approved and the only way to take it down is to click the three dots in the upper right corner and manually remove from page.
Reply Wed 30 Nov, 2022 12:19 pm
FB continuously does what's called A/B testing (also called split testing). They are the biggest A/B tester on the planet and of all time. I ain't kiddin'.

As a result, they are continually changing settings and moving stuff around. Why? It's to get you to click on more advertising, so they can make more money. It's that simple.

So, I would personally give her a pass on this one, particularly if you've seen nothing else that's setting off your personal alarm bells.
Reply Wed 30 Nov, 2022 12:52 pm
That gives me some relief.

There are other alarm bells, but I reason that maybe she's just not as ready to be vulnerable yet. Possibly avoiding public embarrassment if we break up.

We've been dating for around 6 months. She's never made a post on insta or facebook. She made one on her facebook story only.

I was the first to change my facebook status, and that was also removed from her timeline, although the relationship status was accepted and appears to be showing to friends (but idk if it was modified to an "all friends except: " I've made two separate post on each platform.

Lastly, I do a performances frequently and a there was one that was a large deal to me. Her family came, and she posted about being there with her family, but not one mention of who she was there to see or me.

Reply Wed 30 Nov, 2022 02:57 pm
I hate FB. You should see all the questions on here from people having various troubles with it. You are not alone. FB is not reliable. People's admin changes have been deleted, they can't make changes any more, they are denied access... the list goes on. I think you should attribute these issues with the site and not your girlfriend.
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