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Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 02:39 pm
If a private school (i.e., elementary, junior high, high school) were to open in New York City stating that it would only accept white students, it would be shut down immediately.

I'm not sure what law would be used to shut it (I'm not a lawyer), but I'm sure it would be shut.

That said, there are Jewish schools (some are called yeshivas) that I think only accept students from Jewish families. I think that almost all Jewish families in the New York area are white. To complete the syllogism, all or almost all of the students in the Jewish schools are white.

Is there something wrong here?
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Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 03:03 pm
Why single out Jews? They are not the only ones who want their own schools.
Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 03:27 pm

I guess you may be correct. I thought of it because I am Jewish.
Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 03:57 pm
Okay. I'm not being argumentative, just curious.
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Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 07:16 pm
My kid went to a catholic school and all the kids were white there too.
Now they're mixed with Mexicans as they're catholic too.
If you'd check out a baptist school, you'll probably find only black kids.
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Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 08:44 pm
I live in Annapolis and the Private schools that are mostly Protestant are usually Baptist and all white.....The catholic school I attended as a child was mostly white, until years later I learned many of the children would today be called Latino or something else......most of the other kids I thought were white were from families with grandmothers who all spoke broken English. Back in the late 50's and 60's these kids were just more Catholics from East and West Europe that managed to get out of Europe before their entire families were destroyed ........ but that was back when almost all people had relatives who were not born here and spoke broken English so beautifully it became a luxury to figure out what they were saying when they lapsed back in their native language. It's an unfamiliar notion to many younger people who now like to scream at people to speak American (because they really don't know it's English, it's English with our multitude of American accents thrown in). It was also a great time for Yiddish, because we all had Jewish friends whose Grandmothers and Aunts would gossip about all sorts of things in Yiddish because they didn't think we were smart enough to figure it out. I had a much tougher time with the Greek grandmothers and Italian grandmothers and Polish grandmothers because they spoke under their breath a lot of times.

On the last note, I should mention that private schools that only accept one type of religion charge a tuition, it's a church verses state type of issue. All of us taxpayers pay for public schools but religious schools charge a tuition and those parents taxes are also used for public education........so actually, they pay twice. They pay as taxpayers and then pay again to send their children to a particular religious denotation school.........which they are free to do. Unfortunately some fearful types want the government to pay the tuition for private schools, I'm opposed to that notion. I want our children educated, not just indoctrinated to believe only in religion and not understand the difference between church and state.
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