The War and America's Tax Money

Reply Fri 17 Jun, 2022 06:23 am
It's time somebody put a brake on all these billions of dollars so blithely taken almost daily while everything else languishes.
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Reply Tue 21 Jun, 2022 09:34 pm
Well remember Iraq and Afghanistan?

Remember 2001 and how Bill Clinton waste our time with some dumb broad wide mouth open and his N-word cursing brother who was caught on video rolling around snorting and getting high, in which one of his "white lobster" drops got two young men killed?

Remember how Bill Clinton balanced the budget?

Remember when Hillary was found to actually selecting the secretaries and set them up with Bill to even having a victim appear at one of the Debates v. Trump who was 12yo being held down by the Lesbian and her husband.

Remember when DTrump was found taking advantage of a minor claiming "I can do whatever I want" to her?

Remember when JFK was shot because he gave back the power to convert gold to dollars and dollars to gold to he people asides for the Israeli Nuclear power plant investigation?

Remember when Obama father was assassinated.

Remember when the same veteran from Iraq in a picture with Saddam around his neck was eventually shot by a smog pellet ( whatever those canisters were that makes smoke to divert a crowd ) during a wall-street protest. Not only that the same guy was on video screaming and yelling at officers telling them about how he literally sacrificed his time for the nation and they just stood there like morons??? Remember that fellow ???

Remember when a guy came out of the military only to be K.O.ed and further killed by a woman dressed like a man who is a lesbian.

Remember that "Asian" looking guy who was ostracized in the military and committed suicide?

Remember that shooting at V-tech? Because he was stereotyped while 2004 Korea was on-fire ( in the good way ). Remember how awesome 2004 Korea was.

Remember when the leader of North Korea put on a orchestra symphony and we all listened in fact let me go and check that out right now.

Remember when China faked fire-works???
Remember when China had a Chinese stereotype looking girl lip-sink while the real Chinese girl sang the national anthem.
Remember when Chinese military abused a pregnant Tibet woman. Resulting in many westerners ( most white people ) coming to protest only to be hit by newer softer water bottles from people walking by.

Remember when we did not have to think about the internet privacy, and nobody care what you would download or upload and people actually went outside to these things called malls, bookstores, and the movies???

Remember when you could sleep with your teacher in highschool, somebody in junior high, and your moms friend from work, or even your twisted aunt and nobody really cared at all as long as they did not get pregnant and it was heterosexual ( straight ) sex.

Remember when homosexuals was at bars and walked up and down freely because nobody care at all.

Remember when Lesbians actually dressed up girly and was feminine and not try and literally get sex changes like men.

Remember when everyone believed that all those people was Indian and you could not tell the difference between Amish and or Jewish people.

I mean seriously who cares....................nobody cares and all we do is grind ourselves into more taxes.
Reply Tue 21 Jun, 2022 10:27 pm
Get some rest over the weekend, it should cheer you up and refocus your ahhhh, ahhhhhh, uh, your energies.
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