Car repair issue. Just something lighthearted.

Reply Mon 23 May, 2022 12:44 pm
Last year I noticed that the AC in my SUV wasn't cooling so I took it to a Firestone shop and they told me that I had a leak in my condenser. At that point I wasn't prepared to spent that kind of money to get it fixed so I didn't worry about it. I put it on my list to get repaired this year though. About a month or more ago I started hearing a noise coming from under my hood. Sometimes you would hear it and other times you wouldn't. Eventually I figured it out that it was one of my pulley wheels controlled by a belt that was making the noise. I took it to Firestone to have them confirm it and they told me that the pully connected to my AC compressor was going and it needed to be replaced. Even though I hadn't used the AC in almost a year the belt was still turning the wheel. Ok, he quoted me a price for the replacement compressor and I told him that another Firestone had looked at it last year and said there was a leak in the condenser and that's why I hadn't been running it. After some further discussion the guy quoted me a price to replace the compressor and the condenser and recharge the system at a little more than $1500. He said that would fix everything and get me cooling again. Price paid and the AC ran cool for a few weeks.

About 2 weeks ago I was driving home and turned on the AC and it was blowing warm. I had already noticed that my rear AC never really cooled but the front AC was working ok. I have a front and rear set up in my SUV. I got home and checked with my infrared thermometer and the front AC was running about 80+ degrees even though I had the thermometer set at it's lowest of 60 degrees. Right now my truck is back at the Firestone shop and they will be checking it tomorrow when their AC guy comes in.

Here's my dilemma. Given that I had just dropped $1500+ on getting the compressor and condenser replaced should they not have check for other leaks in the system, if that is the case? OR, are they going to say that the condenser and the compressor are both working fine and I have a leak somewhere else that they now what to charge me for.

Should they charge me for a leak they didn't find given the amount of the original repair? And even when I went to go pick up my SUV I paid and the minute I started the truck my check engine light came on and stayed on. I immediately went back inside and the tech came out to look at the truck. Then he remembered that he forgot to connect a sensor in the engine. After that the light went off. My thinking is that when you had my truck in the bay working on it and your drove it out to the parking lot did you not notice that the check engine light didn't go off within a few seconds of starting up the truck? Something tells me they didn't put enough refrigerant in the system and it just used it all up in the mater of 2 weeks.
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