Why Doesn't Anyone Remember These Rules?

Wed 24 Nov, 2021 09:40 am
Why doesn't anyone enforce these common rules of law, misconceived otherwises? They're all Founding Fathers rules given Calvinist doctrine, and they still apply today.

If you’ve taken a remedial class, you can’t have a highschool diploma, you need to get a general equivalency diploma, marking you as prohibited from a vocational, college, university, military, police, or parochial training program.

If you’ve been homeless, you can qualify for premature social security, otherwise you don’t qualify, you have to apply for welfare, not disability.

If you perform a school spirit prank and inform the coach of your team, the victim is treated as if a law enforcement officer on role given to your sports league commission, with you as a criminal representing your team, in league theory (such as Major League Baseball, representing prostitution, or the National Football League, representing government accredited and oversighted industry).

If you are placed in a mental hospital, you have the right to cease treatment at any time, and anyone forcibly committing you, even a police agent or elected official, anywhere and at any level of responsibility, has their homes and properties foreclosed on, United States Freemasonic Law, dating to 1776, laid by George Washington.

Only the defense council or defendant, sets precedent, in any court case, not the prosecution or plaintiff.

Once a President or Governor or Mayor or Selectman or City Councillor or Alderman or Tree Surgeon leaves office, his laws are still enforced, without exception, by legislature (the body controlling police services).

Selective prosecution indicates that anyone acting as enactor of law as person, body, concept outside of writ, or group, is to be arrested, at any level of civilian or police services, even a police officer making an arrest (a citizen’s rights plea).

A test of law, is considered a homicidal personality disorder, and is to be analyzed by a state police psychiatrist, separate from incarceration or commitment or psychiatric monitoring of the individual, a common myth.

Application of fiction, film, cinema, or even non-fiction biography, to others, is pederasty, meaning that DSS bars you from holding wedlock or children in care through adoption or own copulation and conjugal intercourse and birth through canal.
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Wed 24 Nov, 2021 09:48 am
Defense attorneys don't make precedent (although they can influence it), court decisions written by judges do.

I'm sure that there's more but I have no time right now.

Oh, and Founding Fathers laws and rules also didn't allow women or men who didn't own property to vote, and treated people of color like chattel.

Things have changed over the course of the last 250 years.
Thu 25 Nov, 2021 09:10 pm
jespah wrote:
....Oh, and Founding Fathers laws and rules also didn't allow women or men who didn't own property to vote, and treated people of color like chattel.

Just out of curiosity, which law created by the Founders treated people of color like chattel? The only thing I can think of which remotely qualifies is the 3/5 rule for counting populations.
Fri 26 Nov, 2021 04:34 am
Funny how Cheater posts a load of weird stuff which you ignore and go straight to sealioning Jespah.
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