What's Merrick Garland Going to Do?

bobsal u1553115
Reply Sun 21 Nov, 2021 09:08 am
The part I like is when he tells everyone if they don't like him to ignore him. That he ignores them. Then he pops up and insults everyone.

That is classic trolling. You're right: ignoring him is what will work.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sun 21 Nov, 2021 09:09 am
He thinks he's complex, when what it is, is he has a messiah complex.
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Reply Sun 21 Nov, 2021 09:11 am
maxdancona wrote:

1. In the South Street Baptist case you had a concerted conspiracy to keep killers from coming to justice. The killers were known members of a White Supremacist group.

2. Kyle Rittenhouse was 17 year old kid who received a fair trial which didn't go as some people hoped.

It is ridiculous to compare these two trials. You are turning the South Street Baptist case into just another political disagreement.

The Attorney General shouldn't be in the business of retrying political trials that don't go the desired way.

This was the last on topic post.
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