Would you have done this?

Reply Wed 3 Nov, 2021 05:01 pm
We have an app called NextDoor which is a neighbourhood app for sharing events and general conversation. Late on Hallowe'en evening, a woman shared a pic of two kids aged about 9 or 10 from her security camera. Apparently they took all the candy and some kind of craft her daughter had made which was what upset her most as her daughter was 6 and spent a lot of time on the thing. Apparently her daughter was devastated and probably wailed for some time which no doubt irritated the mom.

She posted it - well, I'm not quite sure why - anyway, she got a lot of flak for public shaming the kids. Some spoke about FOIP, about their ages (kids being kids), not posting pics because other kids would see it (I've never seen anyone that age on this app, btw), etc. Others castigated her for not being at the door to hand candy out and it served her right. It was quite a wide-ranging discussion.

I really felt she was attacked by quite a few outraged people. Again, I don't know why she posted it as it was late in the evening and therefore too late to be of any help, but... do you think she should have or shouldn't have posted the picture? She could have just shared the info, but again, what good would that have done? I have to wonder why she DID post the picture.
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Reply Thu 4 Nov, 2021 04:16 am
Sounds like a simple case of bad judgment influenced by emotions of anger and loss which never would have amounted to anything prior to the digital age. She probably shouldn't have done it; everyone else should have ignored it.
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Reply Thu 4 Nov, 2021 05:53 am
I think the only reason to post would be to try to get that craft item back if she did not know who the kids were. Post something like does anyone know who the we kids are so we can get our craft item back or something along those items. If she the kids I'd just go to the house and ask for the craft back. To be honest who cares about the candy.

I agree if you leave a bowl out for kids to take what they want ..you have to assume some kids are going to take the whole bowl.

We did that one Halloween as we were going out to dinner after our kids finished their trick or treat. So if you have a neighborhood of kids you will find out who took that candy without a camera. So yeah this happened to us we came home the bucket was empty ... Which we were hoping for and one of our neighbors told us so and so came and just empty the bucket in his bag.

So what ... And not surprised it was the brat if the neighborhood. That is about as far as it got.

I wouldn't agree if this woman was trying to shame them but I would not ream her over the calls for publishing it either.
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Reply Thu 4 Nov, 2021 06:02 am
And to add about posting pictures of kids on this app people do it all the time, not that I am advocating for that but I have seen them posting look at these cuties and there is a pix of three kids going to school with crazy hat day or something ... And these are kids this person doesn't know just thinks they are cute.

I doubt the kids will get flack from other kids that see it...which likely they will not..it is a app for adults and way too boring for kids.
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