What positive African American stereotypes exist that AREN'T sexual?

Reply Fri 26 Feb, 2021 01:16 pm
maxdancona wrote:

You are missing the point.... but sure.

Who do you trust?

My best friends (who aren't in any way part of a2k). Many of those working at the VA Hospital in Manhattan. There are more. But you don't deserve those answers.
Reply Fri 26 Feb, 2021 01:29 pm
Do you trust waiters to not spit in your food or people walking behind you to not whack you in the head?

You make these decisions based on patterns without knowing anything about the individual involved. You trust people all the time. It is part of living in a society.

We expect people to act in certain ways based on who they are. We depend on this. Society is built based on stereotypes.
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