Male feminist writers

Reply Sat 13 Feb, 2021 09:30 am
Do you know any? I think Tom Easton is one, with Boys don't knit and Seven Second Delay.
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Reply Sat 13 Feb, 2021 09:50 am
how bout Alexander McCall Smith's NO 1 Ladies Detective Agency
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Reply Sat 13 Feb, 2021 10:19 am
Not sure what would qualify as a feminist writer. Is this someone who writes with strong female characters and addresses systematic discrimination? There are a couple of sci fi writers you could read, David Weber (Honor Harrington novels) and Modesitt whose fantasy novels routinely point out discrimination against women in the medieval cultures he creates.
Reply Sat 20 Feb, 2021 05:37 pm
"Is this someone who writes with strong female characters and addresses systematic discrimination?"
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Reply Sat 20 Feb, 2021 06:36 pm
I didn't pick up on that with Modesitt. I do read his stuff, though I sometimes confuse him with Harry Turtledove.
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Ben Makes Things
Reply Thu 29 Apr, 2021 10:13 pm
Any male in the predominantly left leaning media could be described as a feminist writer. CNN, Huffpost, MSNBC, NBC, CBS.......

Why would one be searching for a male with mass social influence?
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Reply Tue 18 May, 2021 08:00 pm
Sorry this isn’t very mature of me to disrespect the OPs purpose.
This just happens to be the top, most recent post.
Hoping to see what people say about the fact based conclusions I gathered and deduced from natural science.

But hopefully you can delete my post if it’s really that intrusive.

I just came on here to point out to all the feminists that Men do NOT NEED women’s emotional support growing up.

Paul McCartney was never married before releasing the first Beatles album and his mom died when he was 14, so he was raised by his SINGLE father.

Men should be allowed to be single fathers and YOU DON’T GET TO SAY that’s theres anything wrong with that in our modern PC world, if we’re playing by the rules.

You women (ime) love to take credit of the fact that (because you’re literally the ones who physically bear the children & therefore have biologically more invested in them) you guys are more directly involved in children’s lives then males are.
75% of grade & HS teachers are female, and I would be willing to bet that a majority of the college professors are going to be male.

What does that tell you?

Women = baby nursing = basic mammalian biology

Humans take a long time to develop, but once they’re developed, women are arguably way more of a hindrance than they are a help towards a males success in life’s (because they OVER baby them because that’s all you guys know about is emotional intelligence and stupid little detail-oriented & gossip stuff)

there’s exceptions to this, but men are aggressive when the warrior gene is activated. Women just become happy and confident but they don’t snap into a bloodthirsty rage like true Warrior men are capable of.

Sure, this is “so bad, why would you ever celebrate that”

Well outside of moder civilization, without laws to protect you would need someone like that. Not some feminized boy who’s too scared and freezes up.

That’s all you women do. Docilate and neutralize men, you don’t ussually encourage them to empower themselves in any way because your probably jealous of their natural physically superior power over you in the ancient, pre-history world.
Your defense mechanism is to try and neutralize them because you know you’d lose 9/10 fair fights with them.

From that perspective your disgusting, manipulative, almost subhuman degenerates (imo)

Which reminds me, by the way, in the old world you guys didn’t get to decide which man to choose lololololol!!!!!! Such a pathetic thing to suggest as a vital part of choosing out the direction of our evolution.

A man decides whether to pull out, or whether to ejaculate.

Technically no one can prove how humans interacted, but it’s basically just a more advanced way of apes mating.
Except as we evolved it became impossible to be able to tell if the females were ovulating or not so things slowly got more difficult but in essence the behavior is the prob about the same. How did we used to mate you ask? (I know you’re not asking because your in denial but here we go)

It’s called, you got raped (basically). Just like male lions rape the females all the time with their spikey penises that rip the last guys cum out of you, and replaces it with their own.

“Oh but I’m a dumb feminist and I don’t think his could apply to humans, your talking about lions dummy”, you say.

Well, apes actually don’t need to full on rape in an ‘obvious forced rape’ kind of way. They simply harass and beat the female until she realizes she doesn’t have much of any choice or control over the situation so she allows the male to basically rape her. (We would DEF call that rape in modern society)

You feminists hate society and men because your naturally super weak and have crazy hormones preventing you from enjoying the freedom and power of being a man. Get tf over yourselves.

Sure sometimes the sex was prob mutually agreed but, that’s only if the female got lucky back before the first civilizations and laws were formed. So why don’t you females just appreciate how well you’ve already manipulated society into helping your weak asses out before the men all lose their **** and decide to unite and bring society back to an apocalyptic, primitive place again.

I’m glad that men don’t totally rape anymore for the record. Civilization wouldn’t work if we didn’t have as much mutually respect as we do, but then again civilization doesn’t objectively matter.

It matters subjectively to us humans , and I’m glad the overall sense of safety has made people generally happier and it’s launched up our standard of living, but if we had the option to be aloud to have free monogamous (rape) sex again, as a male, I might choose to abandon society in a heart beat.

Kind of like I’m sure you feminists women would just love it if you were praying mantises or black widows.

The biological sexes aren’t equal, and we shouldn’t be forced to have equal economic outcomes.

(And before you say I sound like I don’t get laid, A)I’ve had sex about 5 times if you count anal in the last decade but it’s your feminists BS that’s making it more difficult to find a college girl that isn’t brainwashed, talking about the White Male Patriarchy every day, and B) even if I was a scared little baby virgin That doesn’t actually disprove or refute what I’m saying. It’s called an “at the man” attack in philosophy. Tather than attacking what I say, you try and track my character to make anything I think seem to all stem come from that issue. You women are particularly skilled at manipulating and playing mind games like that all day because your so bored from not doing anything truly fun or exciting Like we true men do every day.
Reply Tue 18 May, 2021 08:01 pm
I’m just sick your seeing your feminists BS being crammed down my throat every tome I try to do some light reading or hang out with my friends.
Reply Thu 20 May, 2021 11:52 pm
You sound pretty angry and I never even read every word - just skimmed through your diatribe. I truly hope you see someone about this. Or maybe just stop hanging out with women for a while? Or stop your "light reading"?
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