The Reality of Lies .... ???

Reply Mon 25 Jan, 2021 11:11 pm
I love to write. Always have. Writing for me is the communication of Ideas, and Ideas rule the world. Ideas rule Realms, and give them Life as well. At least, the one Believing the Idea is giving it Life. But some Ideas should not be given anything. Giving Life to Death is a bit suicidal. Yet as a society, in order to maintain the current Order, or quite bluntly, to dissolve this old Order, a Sacrifice must be made. "We the people" are so schooled and trained, that they cannot see they are being piped off a cliff. They are not allowed to see what actually drives their desires. They do not see that before one gets out of bed, one must Believe the floor is there, and will hold them. But, that is, if they dare to question anything utterly foundationally.

Without Mind, there is no Experience. So how can we dare say any thing is pre-existing? If we do make such a claim, are we not claiming Truth? And if there is such a thing as Truth, then there must also be the Experience of Lies....

That gets some feathers ruffled. How do I dare to confirm a negative?

Our very senses tell us that if there is such a thing as Truth, then the experience of lies is just as real. Even our science these days confirms the very same things! Quantum science flatly says that any thing may be or not be, in another dimension; that, just because it is here, does not make it so, there. But where is there? Is it not the Realm of Experience?

Anyway, what I am trying to get at is the actual, provable, understanding that we very well do experience lies, on a daily basis, and that we have justified our lying perceptions as Reality, thereby reinforcing the lies we experience as more and more solid.

Does this not explain the rabbit in the hat?

Does this not explain a ton of times where, "that should not have happened"? But did?

Or vice versa.

I am just asking, what makes us so sure the experience of lies is NOT possible?

If there is such a thing as Truth, and obviously, since things are indeed solid, then Truth, quite Naturally, implies "lies" to exist. But here we are, back to that old axiom that says a double negative is cancelled out. But the Experience of lies is clearly an undeniable Experience of humanity, as a whole. We have all seen, heard, and felt things, that were not at all as we Experienced them to be.

Therefore, my fellow thinkers, what about this known issue in our psychology, justifies the "scientific method"?!?

I'll let that fester for a bit, but am highly curious to see the reactions. Just remember, I'm not making a claim. I'm just asking some vital questions. The lack of answers does not justify anger or hostility.

Just being me.

Like it or not.
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Reply Mon 25 Jan, 2021 11:33 pm
Allow me to add that what I call Reality, and what I call Experience, are two different things. I have heard some say that if there is Truth, that we are in no way deserving of the Experience thereof. Tho I would have to agree, I do not see the Experience of Truth as impossible to reach. Just requires a Furnace of Epic proportions, and an Integrity to the Truth.... Much like what some would call Love. Interestingly, another writer of fame has also agreed that in the end, a love of the Truth is all that will prevail.

In a sense, this would be the highest achievement, the highest degree of Love attainable. This Love would bring about the manifestation of the Truth.

Some would say this could be construed as the good side of the Sacred Art. I mean, if any Art works, it must contain some amount of Truth, else the lie has no life of its own.

With the Life given via the Truth, any a Artful master can twist it into an image of his choosing. But as mentioned before, about giving life to death.... why would we do that?

What if we were not allowed to know that’s what we were doing? What if all we are allowed is lies to reinforce the lies? But there is solidity, so Truth is there somewhere.

Again, I see the first ten verses of Genesis amazingly helpful.
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