Locked out and cant confirm im me

Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 04:15 pm
Ive been locked out of my FB account. It says you have to send them a copy of birth certificate or driving licence.Itook photo of BC , uploaded it to the link and click on continue.. Then all you get is a spinning wheel that just spins and nothing happens. Ive seen some of a FB help section on FB saying others are having same problem but there was no answer given...So what do i do
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Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 04:34 pm
Andy, you've been hacked.

Facebook does not ask for a birth certificate or a driver's license. Make a police report, notify all reporting credit bureaus and put a stop on any credit charges.

Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 05:12 pm
are you sure about that ? It seemed real.... It said ..To help us check that this account belongs to you, we need a photo of your official ID. This could be a driving licence, passport or other type of official identification. If there are any issues, we'll send you an email...When you submit a copy of your ID, we'll keep it for more than 30 days, but no more than 1 year, unless you opt out. This helps us improve our automated systems for detecting fake IDs and related abuse. Your ID will not be visible on Facebook So read that and then read my original post .. When u see a list of things they accept as ID.. a copy of BC is on the list
Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 05:17 pm
Yes, I'm sure.

But if you're not, call your local authorities and ask them.
Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 05:24 pm
i think you are wrong..i have a friend that said she had to make a video to prove she was herself
Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 05:27 pm
shes just sent me a screen grab of what FB sent her asking her to prove she was her..and it came from FB
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Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 05:29 pm
if i did that the "authorities " would say i was nuts and tell me to go away
Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 05:33 pm
why am i not getting email notifications of replies ..i noticed there is a tab saying STOP email notifications....but im not getting them in the first place ..im having to keep looking at my post to see if anyone has replied
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Reply Mon 25 May, 2020 05:45 pm
Here's what Facebook says:

What types of ID does Facebook accept?
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We have fewer people available to review IDs because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’re trying hard to prioritize reviews for the most urgent cases. This means we may be unable to review your ID or it may take longer than usual.
If you need to confirm your name on Facebook, or if you've lost access to your account, you may be asked to send us a copy of something with your name on it. You have several different options for this, including photo IDs issued by the government, IDs from non-government organizations, official certificates or licenses that include your name or other physical items like a magazine subscription or a piece of mail.
In some cases, such as authorization for advertisers running ads about social issues, elections or politics, there may be special ID requirements. Learn more in ID Requirements for Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics below.
Please only submit the required documents. Submitting more documents than necessary may delay the review process.
You can also learn more about what happens to your ID after you send it to Facebook.
Don't digitally conceal ID information
To help us prevent fake IDs and other abuses, we don't accept photos that have been digitally modified to hide information.
We already ignore any sensitive information on your ID that is not required to confirm your identity, such as your ID number and social security number. You can also physically cover any non-essential information on your ID, before you take a photo of the document.
Group One
You can send us one of the items from group one to confirm your name or get back into your account. Anything that you send us should contain either your name and date of birth or your name and photo.
Birth certificate
Driver's license
Marriage certificate
Official name change paperwork
Personal or vehicle insurance card
Non-driver's government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card, pension card)
Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
Tribal identification or status card
Voter ID card
Family certificate
National age card
Immigration registration card
Tax identification card
Group Two
If you don't have anything from group one, you can send us two different items from group two. Anything that you send us, must include your name and at least one of the two documents should contain your date-of-birth and/or photo. The name on the items that you send us should be the same name that you want to show on your profile.
Keep in mind that if you've lost access to your account, you may be asked to provide something from the list that also shows a photo or date of birth that matches the details on your Facebook account. This extra precaution is so that we can make sure that the only one with access to your account is you.
Bank statement
Transit card
Credit card
Employment verification
Library card
Magazine subscription stub
Medical record
Membership ID (ex: pension card, union membership, work ID, professional ID)
Paycheck stub
School ID card
School record
Social Security card
Utility bill
Yearbook photo (actual scan or photograph of the page in your yearbook)
Company loyalty card
Family registry
Religious documents
Certificate of registration for accreditation or professional
Professional license card
Polling card
Health insurance
Address proof card
Social welfare card
ID Requirements for Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics
If you want to run ads about social issues, elections or politics:
Your ID should be from the country where you want to run ads, and the name of that country must appear on your ID.
If your ID has an expiration date, the ID must not be expired.
Visit the Business Help Center to learn more about ads with political content.

Here's what I say:

If Facebook wants that kind of information from me, I'd decline to use their service. NEVER give out personal info over the internet.
Reply Tue 26 May, 2020 03:31 am
so you are contradicting your self ..you are now saying FB DO ask for ID.. im not impressed with you....and if everone thought ... I'd decline to use their service.. FB woulnt have ANY members
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Reply Tue 26 May, 2020 03:34 am
so when you said...Facebook does not ask for a birth certificate or a driver's license......was that just you talking rubbish .....because you have just contradicted yourself BIG TIME
Reply Tue 26 May, 2020 05:34 am
I can admit I was wrong. I looked up TOU and posted the results.

My bad.

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