Who else was shocked when they heard about Kobe Bryant today?

Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2020 03:11 pm
I guess, personally I am very powerful - to the point that I am sending troops over and threatening izzy's children!

So I "trump" you in causing hysteria!
Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2020 04:06 pm
izzythepush wrote:
you have troops occupying my country.

Our troops are there with the permission of the British government.
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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2020 04:07 pm
izzythepush wrote:
We need to close those bases down now.

Those bases are too important to close down. We'll need Fairford and Welford if we decide to bomb Iran. That way our bombers can come at Iran from two directions instead of just coming up from Diego Garcia.

Plus if Putin ever decides to invade the EU, Fairford and Welford will be key to repelling the invasion.

Royal Air Force Fairford or more simply RAF Fairford is a Royal Air Force station in Gloucestershire, England which is currently a standby airfield and therefore not in everyday use. Its most prominent use in recent years has been as an airfield for United States Air Force B-52s during the 2003 Iraq War, Operation Allied Force in 1999, and the first Gulf War in 1991. It is the US Air Force's only European airfield for heavy bombers.[2]

RAF Fairford was the only TransOceanic Abort Landing site for NASA's Space Shuttle in the UK. As well as having a sufficiently long runway for a shuttle landing, it also had NASA-trained fire and medical crews stationed on the airfield.[3] The runway is rated with an unrestricted load-bearing capacity, meaning that it can support any aircraft with any type of load.

Royal Air Force Welford or more simply RAF Welford is an active Royal Air Force station in Berkshire, England. The airfield is located approximately 6 miles northwest of Newbury; about 50 miles west-southwest of London.

Opened in 1943, it was used during the Second World War by both the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Forces. During the war it was used primarily as a transport airfield. After the war it was closed in 1946 and placed in reserve status. As a result of the Cold War, the station was reopened in 1955 as a munitions depot by the United States Air Force.

Today it is one of the largest ammunition compounds for the United States Air Force in Western Europe for heavy munitions.[2] One description states RAF Welford comprises 806 acres and is bordered by a 31,680 foot fence-line. They are home to the U.S. Air Forces in Europe's second largest munitions hub. The installation currently maintains 15,000 bombs; over a $160 million stockpile.[3]

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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2020 06:31 pm
We can't have that . . . I'll have to come up with something . . .
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