Donald Trump's Justice Dept. winds down Clinton-related inquiry. It found nothing of consequence.

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revelette3 wrote:

People who keep harping on Hillary and Bill Clinton's corruption and criminality after so many (what does the last make?) investigations, must think both the Clintons are the sharpest criminals in the history of the world. The worst they can say is that both have taken advantage of their world wide known name and made money because of it in the form of speaking fees and books. Not the only ones, including to a lesser extent Bernie Sanders.

This is ridiculous. In fact any parallel is ridiculous between the Clintons (who were corrupt by any measure of the word) and the Obamas (who had an administration and a marriage that is above reproach).

Did you forget that blue dress? The lies. The attacks by both Bill and Hillary to silence women including Juanita Broaddrick who told consistent credible accounts of sexual assault from Bill Clinton?

The Clintons have more in common with Trump than they do with the Obamas. The Clinton cult is part of an ideological bubble every bit as fact-averse as Trumps.

It is time for the political left, as well as the right, to put principle and facts above partisan politics.
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maxdancona wrote:

[It is time for the political left, as well as the right, to put principle and facts above partisan politics.

That's your idea of principle is it, opposing the peace process in Northern Ireland so more innocents can be murdered?

You wouldn't know a principled politician if one bit you on the arse.
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Oh please, half of that you can't really verified with any proof (most of which is rumors) which would stand-up in court and given the partisan motivations; it is hard to know what is true and what is not.

In the end what we know is that Clinton lied and covered up a consensual affair, with both parties going into it with their eyes wide open. I have read the Monica book, she describes the beginnings of it well. Bill Clinton was wrong to deny it, wrong to go to such lengths to deny and cover it up that he told the American people a bare faced lie about it. He was also wrong to try and use sophisticated language in his Grand Jury testimony and in his trial with Jones. But here is the thing, he actually apologized on TV and lost his license to practice law and paid a settlement in the Paula Jones case. So he paid a price for his actions which most agree were wrong. Most of all he has had to live with his impeachment since then, even overshadowing his achievements in both terms of his presidency.
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Sent it amazing that the Trumpies who scream put them in jail about the Clinton's who have been exonerated by the government after being investigated for 40 years kiss Trumps ass even though he colludes with the Russian government and launders Russian mafia money in his casinos. Hypocrisy anyone. Only a billionaire able to keep lawyers on hand constantly could be this crooked and get away with this crap.
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Over here Clinton is the most popular president after F. Roosevelt. Those two presidents both made the World a better place, Roosevelt defeated Hitler and Clinton was instrumental in the peace process in Northern Ireland as well as stopping the Kosovans being massacred by the Serbs. All of which was carried out with very few casualties at all.

And although not directly involved he supported Tony Blair's action in Sierra Leone, something that stopped another bloodbath.

Obama had a lot of promise and may well have done a lot domestically, but internationally he was a bit of a damp squib.

Credit where credit is due.
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The important question, Revelette, is this

Why don't you believe Juanita Broaddrick?

The answer appears to be that her story doesn't support your political ideology. You believe accusations against Trump or Bret Kavanaugh. You don't believe accusations against Bill Clinton because he is on your political side. You are sticking up for your team. That is American politics, today; political ideology is everything, facts or reason don't matter.

I have heard people on your political side say "Believe women". It is a good slogan.

However, "Believe women when it is politically expedient" ... not such a good slogan.
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