Happy New Year's Day 2020! Are you doing anything special for the holiday?

Reply Wed 1 Jan, 2020 03:35 am
Hello and Happy Year's Day 2020! How are you folks?

How was your New Year's Eve?

I wanted to run down to my local supermarket and buy some egg nog to celebrate the holiday with but wasn't able to. I was happy I got to watch the Ball drop at Times Square on TV this year. I watched Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve on ABC.

Are you doing anything special for New Year's Day?

I am probably not. I still have a lot of decluttering around my house to do and I have to go run and do a few errands despite the fact some commercial businesses may be closed this day. I would like to go visit my mother if I have time.

If there are any New Year's Day parades being held in the U.S. and are being televised on American TV I'd like to see them.

What about you? Are you doing anything special for the holiday?

I am curious. Please help. Thank you.
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Reply Wed 1 Jan, 2020 09:40 am
I have a huuge oil triptych Im painting, so, after lunch its a walk to the studio, put on the bowl games and work till late.
Reply Wed 1 Jan, 2020 12:53 pm
On the bah humbug Xmas thread I had written on that day I made a hundred bucks in 3 hours.

I was hoping today would be similar.

Hell no. I’m sitting in my car reading a good book, rejecting order after order because they are so damn low.

I mean, just now I got an offer to pick up at Shake Shack, maybe a mile and a half from where I’m sitting and drive it to the other side of Downtown, for $5.27.

Are you for real dude?
I can tell all the other drivers are doing the same thing, as these offers for 5, 6 and 7 bucks just keep cycling around.

All I can guess is that all these hung over people who never use delivery services don’t understand they have to tip. By the amounts I can tell there’s no tip, or like a dollar.

Since I starting typing this I’ve rejected 4 or 5 more.

Don’t waste my time.
Reply Wed 1 Jan, 2020 01:17 pm
Well I got one for $24 right now, so ok
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Reply Wed 1 Jan, 2020 04:56 pm
so are you like an UBER driver?? Somehow I missed all that.
Reply Wed 1 Jan, 2020 06:40 pm
No, not Uber. That's too dangerous, especially for a woman.


I've got a regular gig with another company, lunchdrop, where I work about an hour and a half over lunch, going to one or 2 restaurants, picking up a bunch of pre labled lunches, and taking them to anywhere from 1 to 3 business. Been doing that for about a year and a half. It's a really great company.

A few months ago I started doing GH too.
I never sign up in advance for any work.
If I feel like it I log onto the app, and make myself available.
If there's an open shift at that time, I'll take it.

Things picked up after I posted while sitting on the street reading. Ended up making $66 in the last 2 hours, and $88 in total.

I guess all the hung over people got their asses up and got their own food. That left the people who know if they want they food to show up any time soon they need to pay someone to make it worthwhile.

Personally, I think the company sucks.

I'll go out of my way for lunchdrop. Grubhub isn't doing me any favors.

I've had a lot of stuff going on in my life this last year, especially since August. Doing this takes my mind off of things, and relaxes me.

Reply Thu 2 Jan, 2020 11:31 am

so you negotiate a delivery fee? pretty cool. I lose patience with these new kiosks they put in at McD's.
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Reply Thu 2 Jan, 2020 11:37 am
You never know on the tipping on a holiday

We went to the mall to get my birthday gift (and to return the sweater I bought my husband - he is so picky I should have known not to buy him anything he did not already have his eye on) any way got my new sneakers, got a new outfit and he got a replacement sweater.

Went to the cafe at Norstrom's love that place - if you are unfamilar with it - you order at the door and a waitstaff brings it over. Since it is not "full service" you tip a smaller amount kind of like at a buffet. Anyway it was just a light lunch any way so the bill was not that high. A good tip would be $5 - we left a ten as the poor sap had to work on a slow day, after maybe recovering from a hang over.

But you are right - most people who order junk food as less likely to tip well even with the attitude we had.
Reply Thu 2 Jan, 2020 01:35 pm
I don't know it was the junk food factor as much as people who seldom order, and don't get it that at the end of a normal day, the tips end up being the same amount as our delivery payment and mileage together.

Actually, the only "junk" food place I can think of that people regularly get from is Taco Bell. They have a strong following.

Most of the time pick ups are from regular restaurants. Anywhere from good burgers to sushi. A lot of vegan and halal orders.

There's this one customer I've delivered to several times. She must be an elderly woman with a health care worker who stays with her. She always orders from this restaurant that is really "old Austin" and she gets things like rib eye, crab bisque, wonderful cakes and desserts, etc. For both herself and her aide. I've never seen her, her aide comes to the door.
She obviously has money.

There's this other woman I deliver to, that makes me sad and happy at the same time.
She'll usually order Mexican food, but good Mexican, not fast food. She lives in an apartment that's in a lower economic neighborhood, but safe enough.

She must be ill, or disabled or something. The first time I arrived I was surprised when a little girl, like 4, answered the door. I asked for her mommy, and she struggled a little to explain, "um....she's....sleeping?" I realized she was in the back in a bedroom.
I gave the little girl the food, and since she had to struggle a little with it, making a couple trips, I managed to have a moment to see the apartment from the doorway. It was neat as a pin and clean. Smelled very fresh. The little girl was dressed well, clean, quiet and polite. So I felt ok.
When I was done giving her the food I said "You and your mommy enjoy your meal sweetie", and she nodded solomnely and started to close the door. Then, at the last second, she threw it open again and she said "Thank you very much" and Clunk went the door, and I heard it lock.
I've been there a couple more times, and she always answers. I say "Hello Sweetie!" and I get a big smile now. I don't push conversation though. I don't want to to think it's ok to talk to strangers.

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