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October 21, 2019


With all his blustery talk of "free speech", one might err in thinking Mark Zuckerberg was a "man of the people" (the con of Donald J. Trump). However, with his fearful reaction to the left's opposition to unchecked wealth and corporate power, Zuckerberg is showing he has a strong streak of corporate "Nazi" in him. "Nazis" have no interest in the climate change crisis or human rights, but can be clever enough to give lip service to them; however, I don't see any such empathetic interest in Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg has a lot in common with Adolf Hitler, and all those close to him and in government should watch him carefully.


Regarding the environmental crisis, Zuckerberg made the following glib and unimpressive statement seemingly made to impress:


"Solving the clean energy problem is an essential part of building a better world," he wrote. "We won't be able to make meaningful progress on other challenges—like educating or connecting the world—without secure energy and a stable climate."

Zuckerberg does not appear to have donated any of his $62 billion to crucial matters regarding environmental abuse and the global revolution involving human rights that it is key to.

I understand that billionaires don't really have a clue how to direct their philanthropic efforts, but any real philanthropist will try to get authoritative advice.

Zuckerberg, very active in extremely corrupt China, seems to have no real views on human rights abuses there or anywhere else in the world.


Here's a revealing wiki quote regarding Zuckerberg's seeming defense of human rights, specifically "free speech":

"On February 24, 2016, Zuckerberg sent out a company-wide internal memo to employees formally rebuking employees who had crossed out handwritten "Black Lives Matter" phrases on the company walls and had written "All Lives Matter" in their place. Facebook allows employees to free-write thoughts and phrases on company walls. The memo was then leaked by several employees. As Zuckerberg had previously condemned this practice at previous company meetings, and other similar requests had been issued by other leaders at Facebook, Zuckerberg wrote in the memo that he would now consider this overwriting practice not only disrespectful, but "malicious as well." According to Zuckerberg's memo, "Black Lives Matter doesn't mean other lives don't -- it's simply asking that the black community also achieves the justice they deserve." The memo also noted that the act of crossing something out in itself, "means silencing speech, or that one person's speech is more important than another's." Zuckerberg also said in the memo that he would be launching investigations into the incidents.[165][166][167] New York's Daily News interviewed Facebook employees who commented anonymously that, "Zuckerberg was genuinely angry about the incident and it really encouraged staff that Zuckerberg showed a clear understanding of why the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' must exist, as well as why writing through it is a form of harassment and erasure."

My take on the above is that of overreaction by Zuckerberg: pettiness, anger, cruelty, poor and harsh judgment ('would be launching investigations'). I don't see a cool, poised leader in this story, but a petty tyrant. A classic authoritarian "Nazi", which all right wingers ultimately are with their problems with intolerance. Zuckerberg may not be a racist because of his wife, but I see someone who is uncool about any perceived threat to his wealth and worldly power. Zuckerberg's bigotry could be called that of a "class bigot" or "greedy pig". Zuckerberg is already mentally unbalanced, and will likely descend into greater paranoia and suspicion. With time and circumstances, Zuckerberg will inevitably experience depression and thoughts of suicide, and will have thoughts of murdering those he may perceive as standing in his way.

Zuckerberg, 35 years old but with the immature looking face and the overassertive, voluble expression of a 14-year-old desperate to convince adults he is now a big boy; and the defensive looks of a corrupt child being rebuked, confirms the utter hopelessness of so many billionaires who lack the vision, responsibility, poise, judgment and credibility the masses might expect of them. Briefly, Zuckerberg is unworthy of the untenable position he has created for himself.

Now challenged to justify his control of wealth beyond anyone's dreams -- a thing that is an unbalanced manifestation of an inequitable system out of control and essentially a criminal matter, as wealth belongs to us all -- Zuckerberg is now presenting a resentful face to the world like a virtually "confused teenager that has not, and worse, will likely never grow up". Zuckerberg should really keep his mouth shut, maintain a low profile, and forget about his stupid idea that there should be no excess to "free speech".

Navneet Alang writes:


"Listening to the CEO of Facebook talk about how his personal beliefs about free speech influence the decisions of a platform with billions of users was eerie and unsettling. No person or private company should have that kind of unchecked or unregulated power.

Free speech is certainly an ideal worth fighting for. But Facebook has already altered our relationship with free speech. Zuckerberg therefore has a duty to make a good faith effort to curb misinformation and hate. Not doing so, and claiming it's all in the name of freedom, is disingenuous at best, reckless at worst".

By displaying his ignorance -- i.e. his barrage of immature conceptions, with his unnatural position as a multi-billionaire, a condition that should not exist, Zuckerberg is attracting a lot of attention that cannot do him any good. Zuckerberg has painted a target on his back for the very active left wing revolutionaries, or as Nick Hanauer calls us, "the pitchforks".

Zuckerberg has been meeting with corporate "Nazi" politicians etc. lately, after feeling threatened by Elizabeth Warren's words. He seems to be responding to socialist ideas like a little boy running to mommy and daddy for protection from all the "bad" people like Warren and Sanders who are true "people of and for the people".

The friend of a "Nazi" is a "Nazi".

Some revealing quotes from wiki:


"Stephen Colbert awarded a "Medal of Fear" to Zuckerberg at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on October 30, 2010, "because he values his privacy much more than he values yours".

Zuckerberg has also been very active in China, and he has been a member of Tsinghua University business school's advisory board since 2014.

After being raised Jewish, Zuckerberg identified as an atheist. He later showed an appreciation of religion, including Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism".

Zuckerberg is still an atheist, the compelled state of "Nazis". Once an atheist, always an atheist. A corporate "Nazi's" false gods are worldly power, money, sex without love, and themself.
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