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October 6, 2019

For the latest hot air from subhuman rejects and moral cripples regarding environmental abuse, now a large part of the global revolution, see:
Russia's Pundits On Greta Thunberg: If She Wants To Live Eco Life, Send Her To Amish Community!

These corporate Russian "Nazis" feel very threatened by Greta Thunberg's words. Only a corporate "Nazi" could passionately and desperately defend their imagined right to rape the earth and belittle even a child to defend their evil. Their Conscience is bothering them because they know that:

1) a teenage girl has put them in their place.

2) the extraction of oil and gas, a huge Russian industry, has only a short time to continue, as is the case worldwide. And of course they are in greed based denial that any involvement with oil and gas is now, and has long been, a crime against humanity.

3) they would really love to exile or murder Greta, and fear their own hopeless monstrousness in this respect.

They are jealous of a human being with a Soul of Love, insight and real leadership ability. So jealous they bellow like the insane "Nazis" they are, trying to impress us with their hatred and conspiracy theories. "The catfish's hatred for the frog brought him ashore". (Vai)

Nature condemns all you pathetic, insecure, morally retarded, child hating, irresponsible, proud and condescending pussy ass bitches who criticize "good" people and are unworthy of anything fine and beautiful! "When the snake is in the house, there is no need to discuss the matter at length".

How dare you insult your superior in every way! You even pollute the air with the stuff coming out of your vile pie holes!

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea". (Matthew 18.1-6)

Vile "pundits", sending out of your sight those who remind you of your ignorance and failure is typical Nazi behaviour. You dream of being safe in your sin with Greta far away, enjoying your vile abuse of yourself, everyone around you, and all of Nature? Pathetic, humiliated by a child with some Truth. You can run into your irresponsible fantasy but you can never hide. Always remember Greta's "How dare you!"; it seems you are ready to wake up screaming in fear of her Truth. Whoever and whatever we abuse eventually turns on us through the Law of Karma.

The core cause of the revolution is your ignorance and moral decrepitude, the disastrous effect of which means all of us "good" or "bad" are going down in starvation, dehydration, suffocation and natural disasters mainly because of you idiots. You're forgiven, however, you couldn't help it. Your stupid ancestors' sins ensured that you were born a spiritual cripple without a soul, not a human being. Your reward is loveless misery to your worthless ends.
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