The global revolution doc 001 the beginning

Reply Fri 4 Oct, 2019 12:33 am
October 4, 2019

The global revolution began, interestingly, with the sexually abused women of the me too movement. The revolution continues in many other aspects involving a reaction to injustice or the abuse of power. According to Number cycles, the "official" beginning of the revolution or "changeover" is 6 years from now in 2025. The revolutionary period will last, according to Number, 81 years, from 2025-2106, a period of "new life", many changes, lies and slander, violence, uprisings, karmic and legal retribution; vicious criminality; a rise in corporate crime (well underway, including corrupt banks abusing their own customers; get your money OUT of your accounts); and general self-destruction and suicide through indulgence and other means.

The global revolution is only political in a general sense in that its opposition is corporate fascists (Bezos, Zuckerberg among the most obvious, but perhaps not the most dangerous), with its owned puppet politicians and "leaders" like Trump, Xi, Modi, el-Sisi, Putin, Bolsonaro being mere distractions. There are corporate and political Nazis (who operate "as one"), and there are lower case "nazis"; the latter are comprised of millions of abused ordinary people who offer no resistance to Nazi control.

So far, the list of the chief "enemies" of the people is probably headed by the criminal Jeff Bezos.

The core revolutionists include democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Marc Rubio, Mark Hanauer, and possibly Angela Merkel. The revolutionists are found in all classes, from the wealthy to the "poor"; for lack of a better term, I'll just call them "good", moral or principled people who live by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

I'm not an advocate of violence, but such is inevitable, as the Hong Kong revolutionary front shows. As an observer, I just tell it like it is. Evil capital are always murdered because of their insatiable greed and ignorance. Capital's only hope is utopian socialism; an advocate of this pipedream in an evil world is Nick Hanauer. It will always be a pipedream because the "human" race is doomed, and because greedy corporate fascists inevitably defy and deny -- to their last breath -- justice and equity to the masses, the exploitation of whom allows their temporal power and wealth to be achieved. Corporate fascists can theoretically all be replaced by corporate visionaries in an ideal world which we, however, do not have a hope in hell of creating because of our enormous shitload of sin and its relative bad karma earned over thousands of years, for which we are ALL going down, "good" or "bad".

This has been some of the "whole" Truth from the spiritual underground.

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Reply Fri 4 Oct, 2019 02:56 am

"The global revolution" in the first paragraph


The global wealth-gap-human-rights-environmental-abuse revolution
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Jewels Vern
Reply Sat 5 Oct, 2019 10:35 am
As usual, the spiritual underground offers deceptive information. We The People gave those named their power and WTP maintain that power for them. Whatever you say, WTP will find a way to justify the status quo, and even to make things more so. Cultures have been collapsing for a long time and they all collapse in the same way, although details and timing are always random.

It doesn't even matter which side you take in this scene. You are a helpless observer either way. Your only option is to read your bible, accept Jesus, and wait to see how it runs down.
Reply Tue 8 Oct, 2019 07:52 am
@Jewels Vern,
Don't think I wish to change inescapable karma, that's impossible for anyone. I am an observer, but not a helpless one, because I can and am constantly evolving myself. I'm amused by your "Your only option is to read your bible, accept Jesus, and wait to see how it runs down". You're right in this in a way, but I sense the resignation of the religious follower, which I am not. More important than reading the Bible is understanding the Bible, something that is beyond most Christians -- I mean understanding EVERYTHING in the Bible with clarity, all that is really essential being Matthew. I don't accept Jesus as we are told he was, because whether he existed or not is irrelevant. Only "his" words matter and "shall not pass away".

I'm basically wasting my time sharing things that have probably offended you, not that I care. People who have nothing to offer, yet try to give the impression they are omniscient; and worse, try to brainwash people with simplistic "accept" rubbish are basically dead. Their role is that of a follower because they have no concepts with which to inspire and lead. I assess you as a ZERO and a lower case "nazi" who is already "brainwashed by Jesus" (I am a rare irreligious true Christian student of Christ's logia), and ready to be brainwashed by any more positive monster like Trump or Hitler, and be one of their loyal, sycophantic ass kissers.

Although "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all" has its merits, I tend toward annoying the hell out of people (which they totally ******* deserve: "I am not come to bring peace, but a sword (The Word"), so I'll close with this advice:

Go **** yourself. I can do without worthless "nazi's" comments, so go **** yourself, totally. Actually, you're already fucked, as most of us are. So you can take my advice or not. But it's not necessarily literal....
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