Kim Jong-un: Soullessness and Number

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September 21, 2019



Though this piece about a monster is basically a waste of my time, as something is compelling me to write it I cannot assume it's a complete waste of time. This justification preface is going to be detailed and laborious, the intent of such being to, after reflection upon it, either:

1) stop me from posting it at Philosophy Now, or if it is posted,

2) to put the majority of its readers figuratively and properly to sleep, which would be the effect upon the "philosophers" abounding at PN and elsewhere who are just ignorant morons unworthy of any piece based on sacred Number, as the sharing of this piece with them is essentially "Casting pearls before swine", with the figurative term "swine" not intended as an insult, but being a factual figuration representing an underdeveloped mind and Spiritual Consciousness. My job will be done if most people turn away from this piece and never get to reading the analysis below.

I write this piece not for the worthless Nazi monster Kim or many of his victims, who are also worthless and hopeless, but out of compassion for the North Korean people who are "good", this group including many nazis for whom there is still some hope if they can -- I believe mostly from the efforts of "good" leaders including defectors -- recognize their severe brainwashing and recover from it. No person, even a "bad" person, deserves any kind of abuse. It is the severe abuse at many levels of the North Korean people that must be condemned by all decent people. The basic concept of a true Love of humanity is not to love people for what they are -- which is mostly evil and hopeless -- but for what they could be and what their Spiritual Consciousness signifies they could be -- i.e. all knowing, happy, principled, and free from the abuse of monsters within (the ego) and without (the mass ego and insanity or the evil, insane masses (nazis) and their corresponding wicked leaders (Nazis).

This build-up might suggest to some that the analysis will be comprehensive, but it is not because I can't be bothered with learning enough North Korean (Chosongul) to do a complete analysis. I can only do the English part of the analysis, which may only account for, at the most, one half of Kim's influences. The English might only come to one third of the influences; however, I sense that the English influences are significant enough to justify the presentation of this analysis.

Because I see a number of sexual influences -- which is not unusual in any analysis -- I have decided to stop researching the monster's life story so that it doesn't influence the things that Kim's Numbers indicate. "Numbers never lie". I won't study others' history, views or opinions of Kim, so that my own conclusions are, as much as possible, derived from both Number and Kim's obvious soullessness (which he has 'inherited' from his soulless forebears).

Two things I know about Kim that are unconnected with Number may support my overall conclusions about him:

1) Kim's being a "hidden boy", and the allegation that he had no affectionate relationship with any of his relatives. Psychologists would no doubt make something of this, but I basically only see it as indicative of soullessness -- i.e. likely one of Kim's first signs of "monsterhood".

2) Kim's weird connection with Trump. Many monsters have, euphemistically speaking, "nonstandard" sexual preferences established usually at puberty, the typical time when they, through sin, become a permanent resident of hell or one of the eternally damned. Without having researched anything about Kim's sexuality, my unbiased opinion is that he is either bisexual or homosexual. Not speaking more on this matter, it's clear to me that the only reason Trump has been apparently influenced to enter into a "love" connection with Kim is that both are soulless and "sexual preference warped". Only such soulless people are unable to resist each other. As Trump doesn't appear to be gay, I'm guessing it's possible he is bi and has managed to keep that a secret. I don't care to know any more about "Uncle Trumpy, the thing from the black lagoon", but wouldn't be surprised if the full nature of Trump's deviation is revealed in time. Trump is a secretive man that, as Bill Maher says, no one really knows. The vibes between Trump and Epstein in the dance party video could be a tell.

I'm not a victim of psychology's fallacy that one's parents' or other relatives' characters, and one's early environment or experiences can have significant effects on one. As Pythagoras said, "All is Number". However, this ancient truth is only a half-truth. Number influences only account for less than half of one's nature. Number alone out of balance can destroy many people, but it is the presence or absence of a Soul (i.e. Soul of Love) that makes the difference between a "normal", loving and happy life and the loveless, miserable life of a monster compelled to do evil and abuse others respectively. With a Soul, people can survive discordant name influences; but without a Soul, all is lost, literally, examples of which are the monsters Kim, Trump, Hitler, and so many more throughout history.

In a normal analysis, both a person's positive and negative qualities are related, but as this isn't an analysis of a "normal" person it will concentrate on Kim's evil nature -- i.e. weaknesses -- because that is what those who might serve to topple Kim's regime (ideally without killing him) need to have confirmed. Insightful defectors, especially, will recognize at least some of what I relate. Though we may firmly believe we know things about others, it always helps if someone else can put into words the things we observe and know. When others also speak of things we believe we know -- we can become sure we know them. I'll never meet Kim, but I know a lot about him -- I observe him through Number, the qualitative branch of mathematics, the basic principle of the Universe.

So little is known of evil and its cause, and that results in billions being seriously harmed or led astray by evil and evil ones. I learned the hard way that "Blindness to evil is also evil" (and seriously karmically punishable). Hence the chaos, suffering and death of the Kim, Trump and Hitler disasters.

I just present Lady Number's truth and let the chips fall where they may. In the case of a monster, understanding their weaknesses and, even if no action is taken, observing their awesome fruition in bad karma is educational. The more the North Korean defectors, internal resistance, or outside foreigners know regarding the likely path of Kim's inevitable downfall according to his evil weaknesses, the more they can be protected from the worst effects of what will clearly become a newsworthy event to say the least. I'll tell you key people the worst I see of Kim's ****, and hopefully little or none of that **** will land on you when the **** hits the fan.

I won't advise any tactical details of how the clever use of sexual influence (without the risk of immorality to anyone); or playing upon fear, worry, and paranoia while at times convincingly stroking a towering, insatiable, delusional and narcissistic ego to distract Kim from his paranoia etc. That is up to clever, committed people who have suffered; whose own life and the lives of their family members and friends are in danger. A conspiracy for good is OK, as long as no one's life is risked unnecessarily and Kim is ideally captured alive. Fear, worry and paranoia are really key to Kim's own self-destruction. "Those who the gods would destroy, they first make mad". The longer Kim remains in power, the more insane he will get, the more his 3-part internal monster will take over: 1) worry ("I'm going crazy"; "They're coming for me"); 2) fear ("The world is against me", which is basically true; "Even my maid wants to kill me"); 3) paranoia ("They're all out to get me -- even my dog!").

If the Kim regime isn't toppled, he will sink into complete insanity like Muammar Gaddafi did, at which point everyone around him will be in danger of being murdered. Wallowing in self-pity and madness, Kim will try to take as many people with him as possible, hopefully not with the use of Nuclear missiles.

I won't show Number charts because I'm not about "impressing" people with anything, and unless one is a real Number person (most are phonies), it's no one's business. Keeping the charts hidden serves to allow "philosophers" to more easily dream on knowing nothing. As I said, Number is "no big deal", but it was a big enough deal (people were playing with it and doing harm, like playing with Nuclear energy) to the Jewish Kabbalists that they successfully banned its teaching in the 10th century, and now it's not part of either Judaism or Kabbalism. Are you all asleep yet? This crazy justification introduction is analogous to the mysterious Kabbalistic "teaching" now -- so full of "rubbish" -- some basic truths, a lot of bumph -- just serving to satisfy tiny minds who love a mystery, and those who love to think "Wow, I'm really something -- a Kabbalist!" (even though they could never clarify anything they read in Kabbalistic lore to an outsider so that it made any sense to them). Such fools sit in their libraries and glow with their wisdom. And fart most significantly. Every one of their farts is a triumph of philosophical fart-thought. There are people now who have Number truth, but they are evil and being destroyed by it, their presumption being that they can handle it.

This piece is virtually "hidden" in "Philosophy of Mind" at PN so that few read it; anything on Number is about mind and how mind can nurture or destroy a person. I don't post on YouTube anymore because there are too many serious morons there, and video work is too much for me now anyway. I'm not saying there are fewer morons at PN.

Just to remind the "gods of philosophy" here: I don't give a negative damn about anything any fool thinks of my work. I know who and what I am, and am happy to be a solitary being with all the answers who lives in a mental and spiritual wasteland called planet Earth. Most of you are worth far less than a damn, and are fucked big time. Nazis and nazis. Heil, Hilter! Dream on in your hell. To anyone who is a real person, I'd be the nicest person you ever met. To the egotistical, arrogant, and vile, saying "**** you" is pointless because you're already fucked by your ignorance and lack of a Soul. Not your fault, but I'm not saying you don't all deserve a nice comfy cage for life, with kind treatment and everything you need, but no release, ever.



It is not known whether Kim was born in 1983 or 1984, but January 8 is confirmed. I chose January 8, 1984 as his birthdate, as a "4" lifepath and its "quiet and stable" traits suits Kim more than a "3" lifepath (the "entertainer type"), that usually means the person is quite verbally expressive, fun-loving, and people-loving, the latter of which is not really noticeable in Kim. You won't find most "3" lifepaths murdering their uncle with an anti-aircraft gun. So....

Kim was born to be a meticulous, patient and scientific type, good at anything involving attention to detail or mathematics. Kim is a people person who belongs to the "social" class of people. Kim is a heavy eater, and could suffer from constipation. A "4" birthpath typically has a heavy body, and Kim has had a physically strong influence. On the dark side, the "4" brings stubbornness, small-minded traditionalism, fussiness, miserliness, discontent, and an incapacity to listen to others.

For Kim's first 27 years he was under an independent, verbally direct, uncomplicated, determined and naturally self-centred influence. He didn't require a lot of attention in that earlier period; he learned to stand alone and make his own decisions. Kim would have been capable of physical violence if he lost his temper. If his basic need for food as a child; and his needs for intellectual activity and sex in due course were met, he would have been fairly content up to age 27.

At age 27, in 2011, Kim came under an "8" minor lesson. This "8" brought him a new, self-confident, politically minded influence with some "visionary" and organizational influence. On the dark side, Kim's "8" brought a mean streak, lack of compassion, insatiable materialistic greed, and a lust for power. On the negative side, the "8" is the number of the demanding exploiter, slavemaster, miser, and financial fraud perpetrator.

Kim's "4" lifepath is relative to sexual lust on the dark side. As his names have the very sexual numbers "9" (desire, sex obsession) and "6" (sexual dominance and control), and he has no soul to protect him from all things evil, it's fairly sure that this member of The Dead became one of the damned at puberty with the sin of lust (sex without love). Kim's self-damnation ensured that for the rest of his life he would be incapable of correctly doing the smallest thing requiring good judgment and diplomacy. At age 27, his new "8" quality brought indulgent, dominating and cruel aspects to his lust.

Monster Kim is a personification of dominant, lustful, obsessive sex. One of the things Kim fears greatly is that his basic loveless perversion becomes widely known. He worries about his uncontrollable sex urges possibly bringing him into disfavor with his adoring public. His only "cover" is to ensure that those close to him are also sexual predators. It's likely Kim does feel comfortable around the predator-in-chief Donald Trump.

Kim does have a kind and inspirational side (he's like Jekyll and Hyde) that only a few fellow monsters will ever see. The "9" quality always brings a nice smile to a monster's face at times. He has the responsible, caring and intellectual "6" quality from "Kim" and his destiny in English, so he takes his responsibilities seriously. However, the dark side of the "6" is domination, coercion, intolerance, worry, madness, and murder as an ultimate expression of domination and control.

The "6" and "9" qualities, along with the two "3" qualities at the bottom of his chart represent heavy intolerance of anyone whose views oppose Kim's own. Along with the merciless cruelty of the dark side of his "8", the aforementioned qualities, with the "9" also representing narcissism or delusions of grandeur (belief one is Divine or a god), Kim personifies death and destruction. The mark of the beast, "666", which totals "9" (the number of man's most degenerate activity, genocide), is more or less directly represented in Kim's whole name in English, "966". "Jong-un" is a "999", which is quite sensitive, but is a reversal of "666", and also totals to "9". The "9" is the most inspirational, loving and human quality, but with imbalance and soullessness the power of the "9" swings down and represents the cruelest and most inhuman beings on earth -- genocidal maniacs.

No one should be afraid, coz Kim is just a whiny little bitch or "pussy ass bitch" (Chrissy Teigen's label for Trump). But a dangerous pussy ass bitch, who has his people basically brain damaged from their brainwashing, fear and domination.

With his "6", Kim is quite knowing -- he's not an unobservant tone-deaf dumbo like Trump, but he doesn't miss a thing. If anyone around him who opposes his views even slightly is to survive, they must be a very good actor and ass kisser. For taskmaster Kim, conformity is everything.

Kim's two major strengths are patience ("4") and investigativeness ("5", exploration of science etc.). As a scientific type, he loves his bombs and his stocks of VX, the most dangerous chemical weapon, which was used by two young duped female assassins in the Kuala Lumpur airport February 13, 2017 murder of Kim's older half-brother, Kim Jong-nam. For five years, Kim had a contract out for the murder of his older half-brother. After Kim Jong-nam wrote a letter to his younger half-brother pleading with Kim Jong-un not to kill him, he was assassinated. Clearly, monster Kim patiently waited 5 years for the assassination of his obviously dearly beloved brother.

Kim wants to be loved by all his brainwashed victims, who put on exaggerated displays of their "love and affection" for their "great leader", sometimes complete with their tears of happiness in knowing and caring about their favorite monster. With his "9", which demands too much attention on the dark side, Kim no doubt becomes a whiny bitch if he doesn't feel the true love of his victims. Trump is more or less the same with his "9" major strength gone to the dark side, whining with self-pity and viciously slandering everyone who takes issue with his rubbish, but clearly basking in the "love" and approval of his nazi moron supporters.

Kim's paranoia comes from the fear and worry of his "9" and "6" respectively, plus the true and intense paranoia from the dark side of his "5" strength. When the dark side of the "5" manifests, as it is with Kim, it represents criminal behaviour (which is Kim's evident taunting in his missile testing - "striking terror into the hearts of men"), and vicious cruelty.



All the best to those who are compelled to do anything with respect to Fabulous Uncle Kimmy (FUK). The only value in monsters is in their example to all of how not to live; that being one of The Dead is the greatest tragedy, and a real or potential danger to all of us. If you are a "good" person you're "up against it", and remember this: The Dead comprise roughly 9 out of 10 people, and there are roughly 7+ billion of the spiritually dead on this planet.

I say to you, Kim Jong-un:

Chairman Kim, a great many are seriously out to get you, one way or the other. Yes, Allah is sending his best (Satan) to get you. It's best that you never forget that.... Get used to it -- it's all over for you.

"Neither pussy ass bitches nor anything else is to be feared by real people".

"Allah postpones but does not forget".
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