North Korea - The capture of Kim Jong-un

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September 18, 2019

Since viewing Al Jazeera's video, "Thae Yong-ho: Interview with a North Korean defector", I feel the need to share my opinion of an interventionist option the world might choose but which I cannot recommend as it's not in line with my pacifist and Taoist convictions.

As a pacifist, the possible intervention I speak of here is probably rubbish that might theoretically place me as one with CIA Nazis. Mr. Thae can see an assisted uprising of the 25 million NK people, with the assistance being outside advice to the North Koreans as to how to orchestrate an uprising. Mr. Thae says many North Koreans are unhappy with their situation, which is long standing fear-based oppression, slavery, evil mind control, and imprisonment and murder of those even slightly critical of the Nazi regime including KJI's own family members. The latter is where KJI's dictatorship differs from his father's and grandfather's.

Though Mr. Thae is well aware of the brainwashing in NK, he may not be fully estimating what I believe is its "paralyzing effect". With the fear for themselves and their families, I believe the horrific level of brainwashing of North Koreans, and what I call a "unified mass unconscious resistance to anything new" -- paraphrased as "a zombified resistance to anything new requiring action and decision" in the population may cause even key selected underground resistance people to fail to do their parts in any planned uprising. I also doubt that a resistance movement inside the country could be kept secret.

Mr. Thae -- and no doubt many other defectors -- could see that there was "no hope for the system". However, defectors defect for a reason strong enough to override their fear of death if caught; therefore, defectors comprise an elite, and shouldn't assume any ordinary essentially mind damaged North Korean could readily follow their lead or accept their resistance advice, especially as most instructions would have to be passed orally within the country for the best security, and every action, word and smile of all North Koreans is being closely watched and scrutinized. North Koreans have no internet or long distance call capacity.

In observing what I see as the fascist criminal mind control that has been going on for generations in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) (democratic !), I doubt whether an assisted uprising would be successful. This is where the wisdom of Lao Tzu is apt: "The sage does nothing; yet nothing is left undone". In other words, other than removing the sanctions -- which only serve to ensure greater suffering for the alleged 150,000 political prisoners, and heighten Chairman Kim's "natural paranoia" and the North Koreans' mostly "propaganda induced paranoia" -- leave North Korea and its people the **** alone.

Remove the sanctions, because the stresses of an uprising requires well fed people. It's like sending a message to the North Koreans who are oppressed and suffering -- like saying to them "Take heart -- we are with you". Another "reverse benefit" of removing sanctions is that if Uncle Kim chooses to hoard the wealth of food etc., he'll create a greater resentment in his people which will only help bring him down when his time comes.

Every second piece of **** from Trump's disgusting mouth about NK only serves to stir up a nation of virtual robots brainwashed to believe that all Americans must be Satan personified, and who figuratively feel that joyfully at last it's time for "our Great Leader" to place his finger on the nuclear missile or chemical weapon launch buttons. The people are constantly on edge, feeling vengeful about so much including the Korean war 70 years ago -- and trained to be that way, and never forget history's smallest slight of the DPRK.

Kim Jong-un's mass abuse, exploitation and brainwashing of the people of NK is as severe and inhuman as a war crime; he continues to wage war on his own people in many ways. Karmically, a collapse or uprising is inevitable. The magnitude of Uncle Kim's crime is so great that it is tempting for me to imagine or recommend with reservations the risky matter of:

The capture of Kim Jong-un

The movie might make a lotta moolah. No doubt it should just be kept as a fiction. I can't really recommend an actual physical live capture of this "Great Leader" -- whose visit to a fish farm was commemorated by a statue and a fabulous legend that tour guides relate in hushed and reverent tones -- because one or more people would probably die in the attempt.

A quote of Mr. Thae:

“The Australians must be very forceful with Kim Jong-un. He says he will abandon his nuclear weapons but it’s wishful thinking. He will not denuclearise and Australia should not underrate the real character of Kim Jong-un. Australia needs to work together with its allies to prevent possible nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula and should enhance economic sanctions so the Kim Jong-un system is not sustainable.” (Thae Yong-ho). https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/thae-yongho-one-of-the-most-senior-north-koreans-ever-to-defect/news-story/3c2fb3fcefcd59314b26bd37b21edcde

As WW2 wore on, the pacifist Einstein, who had a horror of war, began to feel that perhaps certain things were necessary -- things that didn't occur to him as a younger man.

A key element in developments may be Kim Jong-il's paranoia, which he shares with the late lunatic dictator Muammar Gaddafi. If this piece inspires others to speak of Uncle Kim's capture, and he feels more and more threatened as time goes by, imagining his maid, or perhaps Melania Trump (who Trump lied about saying she dug her whiny little bitch Kimmy), or anyone near or far who could administer KJI's own poison of choice, or so many ways in his murderous imagination, poor Uncle Kim might break down and start raving murderously like Gaddafi, or exhibit some other insane behaviour.... People would need to be ready to run for the hills. The monster's end would come soon after, for "Those the gods would destroy, they first make mad".

All three -- the world, KJI and the DPRK have a difficult and disappointing month coming up, December 2019. A year of paranoia, vicious slander, chaos, mass migration, violence and cruelty also follows for all three in 2020.

The most likely times for the fall of the DPRK are:

November 2024 to January 2025; or
November 2033 to January 2034.

These times are also adverse for both KJI and the world.

An international special forces team (not including the U.S. unless Trump can be kept completely in the dark) should....

This piece will self-destruct in five seconds. Hee-hee-hee.... Cough.

I will also post a later piece -- "Kim Jong-un & Number".
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