Quote by Mahatma Gandhi on Abstinence

mark noble
Reply Thu 9 May, 2019 06:17 am
Our 'Philosophy' site was assimilated by this site - Most left instantly, others shortly after - Only I dare venture, now (Rarely).
Point being - If you expect any philosophy here - DON'T.

I'll barge in, once in a while, and maybe bump into a decent philo-thread, such as this - And watch as it diminishes due to the... obvious.

Vice/Sin/Immoralty - Same thing, different labels.

Reply Fri 10 May, 2019 08:34 pm
@mark noble,
mark noble wrote:

Vice/Sin/Immoralty - Same thing, different labels.

Gandhi was a philosopher of non-violence (ahimsa). Violence is sin and sin is violence. "Harm" can be a better way to say it, since many people don't understand violence in the broadest sense.

Gandhi's philosophy corresponded with a theist worldview where goodness comes with abstinence from violence/sin, which resonates with Christianity and other religions, which is why MLKjr. studied and resonated with Gandhi, as well as because of his goals regarding minority liberation from colonial rule.

The point is that there is a non-violent ideal where love and compassion create a truly good world without violence/sin/oppression; but in practice people fail to abstain and maintain dark force in the world.
mark noble
Reply Sat 18 May, 2019 06:22 am
I agree.


Your 'Gandhi' may not be the 'saint' he is projected as.

There were 'many' toying with said 'event'.

Abstinence is not a 'TRIAL' of self-moderation.
It is the conquerence (Potential new word) (Will check) of ego.
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