Relentless Antagonism for Power: from investigation to impeachment

Reply Fri 19 Apr, 2019 08:09 pm
The Mueller Investigation has been milked dry as a source of ridicule and aggression toward the Trump presidency so now there will be unrelenting continuation of the harassment in the form of impeachment.

It seems quite obvious that all this abuse of political policing to harass the Trump administration is purely tactical. GOP presidents, whether Trump or GW Bush or whoever, obstruct the global socialist networks of trade that facilitate the investments and taxation thereof to maintain social security for that privileged class of people around the world who enjoy guaranteed income in one form or another.

Will it ever be possible to have a global economy of independent actors who aren't subjugated into serving networks of corporate/economic planners who require control over governments to stabilize their economic planning? Hopefully, but until then it seems we can expect to only see the relentless critique and attack of presidents subside when the person in office is compliant with those global and domestic economic forces that depend on them.

Try to lead the free world and you'll be relentlessly attacked. Submit to guidance by the political-economic networks, i.e. be a yes-man, and you will be showered with generous love and popularity in the media for the sake of garnering public approval of those governmental figures that play their role as cogs within the socialist machinery.
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Reply Fri 19 Apr, 2019 11:46 pm
Corporate/economic planners=socialist machinery?

Um, what?
Reply Sat 20 Apr, 2019 05:08 am
Rather odd set of ideas, isn't it. I've wondered what economic or political theorist this chap has been influence by.
Reply Sat 20 Apr, 2019 07:42 am
InfraBlue wrote:

Corporate/economic planners=socialist machinery?

Um, what?

You must be living in the fiction that corporate capitalism and (global) socialism are conflicting phenomena. They aren't. They are both just part of a social-economic networking paradigm that expands capitalism for the sake of taxing it and otherwise controlling it for the benefit of the privileged.

The people who criticize privilege don't do so because of all the harm it causes, but to expand and gain inclusion into it. The overall effects are destruction to humans and nature; and the net effect of expanding the economic benefits of capitalism socially are to also expand the exploitation and subjugation of people's time into managed labor/activities and structured free-time that generates more revenues/profits/income.

Capitalism modernizes feudal slavery by supplanting the whip with incentives, and it is necessary to have some such slavery to ensure the production of those things that can't be produced voluntarily by people in the absence of paid management; but socialism seeks to expand capitalism far beyond its essential function so that everyone makes and spends as much money as possible; and thus structures their own time and others' into the service of maintaining economic growth and the power to control all of society by economic means.
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Reply Sat 20 Apr, 2019 07:52 am
blatham wrote:

Rather odd set of ideas, isn't it. I've wondered what economic or political theorist this chap has been influence by.

No one in particular. I have read and contemplated many.

You may notice if you google 'creative destruction' that wikipedia cites Marxism/Marxian economic analysis. There is value in reading and understanding Marx, if only to get enough of a grasp on the ideas to see how naive utopians get fooled into pursuing socialism/communism as a solution for social-economic problems.

Ultimately we cannot eliminate capitalism, nor should we seek to. What we should do is be satisfied with more conservative levels of prosperity and not push capitalism further than necessary; i.e. because doing so causes various forms of waste and destruction.

We need capitalism for production and distribution of necessary goods and services, but we also need:
- to discipline ourselves to preserve free time, nature/environment,
- the freedom to choose more affordable options that don't generate as much revenue/growth/jobs,
- to curtail spending and investment for the sake of resisting/reversing inflation,
- to restrict/sacrifice some economic pursuits to serve higher purposes, and not vice versa.
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