Different rules for different players

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Years ago the rules of football stated that a PLAYER must have control of the football in the end zone to be called a touchdown. So who has to be in the end zone for it to be considered a touchdown now, the runner, the receiver, or the FOOTBALL? There are now “different rules” for “different players” when it comes to touchdowns. A runner carrying the ball can go out of bounds at the one yard line, but reach the ball across the corner of the end zone, inside the pylon, and the “FOOTBALL “ scores a touchdown. Another player can be in the center of the field, between the hashmarks, on the one yard line, nowhere close to the end zone, but reach the football across “the plane” of the end zone and THE FOOTBALL again scores a touchdown. Now, a receiver can “catch the football”, the same football, TWO YARDS inside the end zone, but because HIS FEET land outside the end zone it is NOT a touchdown. When he caught the ball, the football had already broken the “plane”, the same as the other football, but it is NOT a touchdown. WHY IS IT that one player does NOT have to “ever be in or over the end zone” for the “FOOTBALL” to score a touchdown, YET the other player (the receiver) HAS TO TOUCH BOTH FEET in the end zone for “HIM” to score a touchdown? In this circumstance “the football”, being inside the end zone, cannot score a touchdown, rather “the player” must be in the end zone ,with the football, for a touchdown to be scored. Another situation, a runner can “dive” across the end zone, with the football, never “touching both feet” in the end zone, and AGAIN...”the FOOTBALL” scores a touchdown. I always thought the object of the game was “for players” to score touchdowns, with possession of the football, NOT for “the football itself “ to score touchdowns. The “reaching of the football “ across the plane, and counting as a touchdown for “the football”, must be addressed. How can you possibly give credit to ANY PLAYER for a touchdown when he, himself, NEVER GOT INTO THE END ZONE? Different Rules, Different Players....and Rules for the Football Itself.

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