I'm going to start a Kickstarter project to create a Dyson Sphere...

Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2018 08:14 am
Anybody like to contribute? I promise to keep my first year salary at 0.5% the total budget of the project (with raises of .001% each following year).

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Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2018 09:21 am
Elon??? Is that you?
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2018 09:29 am
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Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2018 10:17 am
So you build your Dyson sphere--and what happens to the plants and animals on our planet?
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2018 12:26 pm
I sell the sunlight to the highest bidder of course?

Though to be fair, when talk about Dyson spheres (especially implied in this video) comes about, the structure doesn't cover or consume 100% of the star's light. (As described in the video as the best possible of configurations)

And if the hypothetical structure that does get that supersized, the civilization moves to the inside of the gigantuan size structure.

Regardless, we're millennia away from getting to that point of discussion.
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2018 10:17 pm
Well, that first image shows a "ring world" (thank you Larry Niven). That idea sets our sites too low. In about a billion years, the local star will expand into a red giant, and our planet will literally be toast. Better that we spend our time and resources spreading out in the galaxy.
Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2018 02:19 am
Assuming that we will not be able to exceed the speed of light, human populations in different star systems will be separated by a gulf significant enough to make them evolve into separate species.

Humanity should think long and hard before taking such a step.

Humanity should of course still make long term preparations to migrate to a different star system once our current solar system becomes uninhabitable.

For that matter, humanity should make *very* long term preparations for surviving on artificially-generated power once our galaxy stops forming new stars and the universe is forever cloaked in darkness.
Reply Thu 27 Dec, 2018 04:42 am
It took less than 7 generations or humans that migrated through the Channel Islands to SOuth America, to evolve a unique digestive enzyme for processing of a diet heavily dependent on starches .
The role of epigenetic based processes (like non coding methylation) apparently have pointed us the way to how rapid evolution works. (It apparently does get somewhat Lamarkian ).
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