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* Leadership and influence
Chevening is looking for individuals who will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer.
(minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

Am continuously thankful for your help as the forums, every time i reads your comments and corrections, i get back with lots of hope to correct the mistake . Kindly take a look at this one if at all you have some time. Thanks in advance for your tireless support


Leadership influencing skills are the born and acquired personal unique capability techniques to persuade members of society to become loyal to one’s motives, using nonverbal and verbal stylistic such as directive, coordination and mobilization for effectiveness.

On founding Active Vision Youth Foundation as youth’s foundation based organization a cross Kampala city slums in thousand two thousand and three. I worked tirelessly with fellow young people to preached good governance and leadership, economic capacity building and hunted for vocational training scholarships in the projects. Leaving tremendous results from central region to northern region. Through thousands of youth being self reliance, implementing leadership skills. Locally and nationally. In the high school dream, i was recognized by national leaders, youth, rich and poor ones as pro humanity. Beyond corruptible government officers and crooked members of parliament. In no doubt, it has been a public magnet with the first time simplest youthful affirmative action in society.

Besides, My two thousand and seven actively engagement in National Organizing committee, Commonwealth youth Forum. Effectively made influential decision on members to slot in five delegates instead of three delegates. From Northern Uganda to attend the meeting. Citing reason of being the most affected region by the Lord Resistance Army conflict to be represented at the meeting. While seeking to conquer the decision, I had clearly articulated the numbers of youth in the region, raising the issues of regional balance as well as using the opportunity to speak on the plights of youth affected by conflicts in Africa in specifically, Lord Resistance Army conflict. As leaders representing youth civil society organization from Northern Uganda, I took advantage of the weekly United Nations Office for Coordination Humanitarian Affairs meeting, drumming support in effecting the idea that became living possibility.

While a student Guild President at Gulu University, my leadership period coincided with a lot of industrial action by lecturers and university’s none teaching staff. The dons resolved laying down their tools, refusing to administer students’ examinations, in protest against salary payments as well as their extra load pays. To exhibit my leadership ability to manage crisis and input positive action, I quickly called for guild ministers meeting for political intelligence in networking to build social capital, including strategically joint, thinking before responding, considering context and goals before deciding when and how to express ourselves, paying close attention to nonverbal communication, practicing active listening, considering administration feeling and appealing ways to the common good.

Furthermore, I realized building and maintaining trust was essential for leading victimized students and the unhappy lecturers in the situation. Without trust, I would had forced the students, disgruntle lecturers to comply negatively, they would not had tapped the full commitment, capabilities, and creativity I offered. I appreciated their vulnerability and inspired them, understood, supported, and guided them through the looming chaos.

Most above, Realizing the potential damages the standoff between lecturers and university administration hurt students that called my walk for mediation between them. It was challenging first time task, dealing with professional deep rooted in cynicism. Nevertheless, that offering to change was taking courage like Nelson Mandela; I led the parties reaching the good of our University. Eventually, intensifying the communication, networking with districts leaders, Areas members of parliament, and other universities students’ leaders. I applied political intelligence, maintaining trust, commitment, inspiring to pursue dialogue reaching the common goal for good putting off latent conflict that was resolved to payment of lecturers effectively. While waiting for the university to receive more revenue transfer from the government and from Students’ collections!
It made dean of students,’ commented that Mr. Arop Denis Guild government on this campus was the only that served with dialoguing, innovation, creativity, transparency and humbleness’

Conclusively, such wars marked the beginning of my national leadership qualities as tested. Currently, am providing leadership to government offices a member of Areas Land committee, Kitgum Municipality, North Uganda and my personal Consultancy firm? Meanwhile, as a leader I always learn and like continuous improvement. Considering my leadership walks as a relative consistent change to constant practice. Believing that wining chevening scholarship makes me leads not only at national level but internationally For good in modern times.

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