Saving Rain Forest Thread number 57!!

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Great Piffka,
But, I am reminded of a scene from Jurassic Park - the movie - the actor said, "At first it's all fun, then comes the running and screaming." - grin
Watch out for mud slides.

Isn't that the best news re the planets? I hope evidence of life on one of the planets is confirmed before I pass on.

Hi Stradee and all,

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Hi, everyone...

Cool article, ehBeth. I've been following that on the news and at the space related website - very exciting news, indeed!

Speaking of JUrassic Park...Have you seen this? (photos at top of page might be a little gross for some people, but they're not bad)

Scientists recover T. rex soft tissue
70-million-year-old fossil yields preserved blood vessels

Updated: 11:25 a.m. ET March 25, 2005

WASHINGTON - A 70-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex fossil dug out of a hunk of sandstone has yielded soft tissue, including blood vessels and perhaps even whole cells, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday...

Soft tissue found in T-rex fossil
Find may reveal details about cells and blood vessels of dinosaurs

Associated Press
Thursday, March 24, 2005 Posted: 3:14 PM EST (2014 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- For more than a century, the study of dinosaurs has been limited to fossilized bones. Now, researchers have recovered 70-million-year-old soft tissue, including what may be blood vessels and cells, from a Tyrannosaurus rex.

If scientists can isolate proteins from the material, they may be able to learn new details of how dinosaurs lived, said lead researcher Mary Higby Schweitzer of North Carolina State University...

Hi, Piffka...
As long as we don't have anymore wind with it, I'm all for the rain. We need it SO bad up here - and last year so many of the evergreen trees in the P.N.W. became diseased/died because of the lack of rain makes them susceptible to whatever it was that they caught. I like the sun better too, but we REALLY need the rain or we're gonna be in worse trouble than we are already. (Of course, it would have been nicer if the rain had held off until after the holiday weekend so that it wouldn't spoil plans for so many.)

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it, and Happy Weekend to all who don't.
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Great links Matrix, Very interesting stuff. It will be exciting to see what the experts come up with after examining the tissue. Thanks.

Anyone care to start a new thread?? The next one will be Number 58..............
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Reply Sun 27 Mar, 2005 07:08 am
You and your 283 friends have supported 1,808,002.9 square feet!

Marine Wetlands habitat supported: 68,730.5 square feet.
You have supported: (35,493.1)
Your 283 friends have supported: (33,237.4)

American Prairie habitat supported: 33,657.9 square feet.
You have supported: (9,551.0)
Your 283 friends have supported: (24,107.0)

Rainforest habitat supported: 1,705,614.5 square feet.
You have supported: (159,505.7)
Your 283 friends have supported: (1,546,108.7)


1 Aktbird57 .. 1052 41.501 acres


Nobody have any attachment to the number 58 ?

New thread soonest.
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Reply Sun 27 Mar, 2005 08:39 am


A barred spiral galaxy
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Reply Mon 25 Apr, 2005 07:22 am
Stradee wrote:
Teeny, there are some good artists at the site, and I thought the painting was absolutely georgous.

Another good site is called Cal's Gallery.
A great place for viewing wildlife and wildplaces paintings and photos. My favorite are the wolf galleries. The background music and pics amazing.


Thanks for the stats, ehBeth.

Have a good day Dannon and all ~


Wow! I haven't been here in a month! What was I thinking? Been so busy ding the end of the year reports for the Am.Leg.Aux./NJ. Well, almost done. I have 2 more to do detailing what we did and what needs to be done. Aw, shucks! been hanging at the buzzards in aimoo! They're really busy over there. I like it here because you get one response. Been clicking, though! daily! Hope everyone's okay!
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Reply Mon 25 Apr, 2005 09:20 am
Hi Teeny,

Good to see your post at the rainforest thread!

Work schedule hectic for the rest of the week also. Began a new rainforest thread!


See ya at the thread Very Happy
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