Question: Can the world tell Trump to shove it?

Reply Sat 12 May, 2018 09:48 am
maxdancona wrote:

This is the type of discussion that interests me. It seems to me that the US loses if Europe sets up an independent financial system.


One of the problems here is of course incumbent to the problem with the EU in it's entirety: Britain is no longer part of EU politics, so any discussion these three are waging in regards of EU politics is moot: what does Britain have to do with that? What I mean to say is that the EU suffers, and will keep on suffering in my opinion, about a lack of internal cohesion and unity. The EU should get more power and means to control the politics of its member states.

Perhaps the EU should discuss new trade agreements etc. with China. If the USA is throwing tariffs left and right, it becomes more appealing to the countries targeted to make their own agreements, I think. It would certainly send a signal to the US that the EU is willing and able to sail it's own course, and find other allies if necessary.

And yes, it should be more than obvious that large financial markets such as the EU and China should have their own independent financial system. Even if all of this was not happening, the last crisis was signal enough that our financial sectors are too intertwined...

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