New York Times Trying To Abuzz Again?

Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2005 04:42 am
I was not at Abuzz but I begin feeling at home at A2K.

Sure it's because of you all!
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Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2005 05:52 am
squinney wrote:
Agreed. I have used About.com for a lot of research. I am hoping NYT's doesn't ruin it.

I found About.com hard to navigate through, it was a mine field of advertisements.

I love the way A2k is set up, this site is a blessing Very Happy
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Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2005 07:48 am
I went and read the original journalism article referenced at the top.

I think it is a lot of bull. Since Neisenholtz (sp?) is still running things, then he never had the 'vision thing' with Abuzz, or didn't have the clout with whomever held the purse strings. In any event, NYTD just never put the resources and commitment (long-term) into doing a proper job of development the first time around with Abuzz, had the wrong focus with having it be essentially member reader driven as to content, and now they are paying through the nose. True, they are adding a different member name base to their existing lists, and the click-through ad revenue is there...but still. One has to wonder.
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