His Status Was Upgraded

janelle nutter1
Reply Sat 19 Feb, 2005 07:25 am
As an certified EMT, I was extreamly shocked! We are trained not to do a freakin finger test, but there are real machines to double check these kind of things. Not feeling a pulse, doesn't mean he is dead. An extreamly drunk man can apear to have no pulse and to not be breathing! And being an organ doner, this creeps me out.
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Reply Sat 19 Feb, 2005 08:00 am
Bella Dea wrote:

How could that happen???? Seriously, if someone has no pulse, no breathing, they are dead. But don't you attempt life saving?.

I have not read the article because I have nightmares about this crap..Laughing
But to answer this question.
You can be sued in certain situations if you attempt life saving procedures on someone who MAY have a DNR in place. ( DNR- do not recessitate )
These DNR's are part of people's will & living testaments . If you do not know they are there, the law MAY be able to protect you , but sometimes it isnt likely.
But, again... i didnt read the article so i dont know the entire story..
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