Consolidation of some writings of my experiences.

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One early morning while all was still dark I awoke in that state between sleep and wake and the boundaries between my physical self and everything physical around me began to dissolve.

Quietness like a soft warm comforting peaceful blanket descended on my sleeping body and mind. I could hear in the background the sweet song of birds softly singing birds and somehow knew their wonderful beautiful voices were in absolute harmony and somehow were reflected the electrons darting in the mind of the Infinite One.

Outside leaves rustled in the autumn night and although still indoors on my bed, I could somehow feel the breeze against my skin and the wonderful scent of grass and the fragrances of flowers that permeated the earth.

I became pure vibrating energy left my body and rose above the earth to where the blue became black and looked down upon the earth from the wonder of the glory of the infinite night.

I found myself in the presence of a being who appeared to me to be a pulsating “ORB” similar to my state of being then, but much brighter and more energetic. At this time I thought this being might be God.

I had become a bright point “singularity a point of intelligent thinking light” within a Greater Light (Being of Light) that now embraced me and revealed to me later, mind to mind, some things relating to the afterlife, the planet earth and the universe. This Being was the one who communicated with me and took me on the journey into the unknown realms later.

I found myself looking down upon the earth as if I were viewing it from a porthole of a spaceship.

The earth was revolving very quickly and stopping over each country, where a stern warning was given to each leader.

At first, I thought that the "Being of Light" that embraced my essence was God, but found out from him that he was a great angel, with an important message to humanity. At this stage, I did not have an ethereal body, just a point of light or a singularity of intense thought.

The Being was a beautiful pulsating ORB of colours pure energy.

As we hovered in space above the earth began to turn on its axis and began to stop over each country or continent with some sort of a warning, the great being kept repeating,

“Mere Mortal Man”, “I am not well pleased with you”. I especially remember vividly, when we were hovering over the Asian continent, looking down at India and the regions around it, that some great trouble would come from oceans and affect the Indian subcontinent terribly.

I can now only remember a little what was being conveyed to humanity.

Later I began to remember more and these some of these warnings have already come to pass namely; the great tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina and the awful cyclone that hit Burma during 2008, these are just a few events that have come to pass amongst many still to come in the future.

Then we left the solar system and raced through the physical universe at limitless almost infinite speed.

I was perplexed why there was no need for breathing and became aware that I became aware that I had now an ethereal body similar to my physical body, but this body did not need to breathe and was impervious to heat or the physical fundamental laws of our universe. This body of beauty shimmered in translucent blue, purple and amethyst.

One event clearly recalled was flying through an enormous planet that was floating in the great void alone in the dark with no sun warming its cold bleak black surface. I saw this huge planet approaching at colossal speed and passed right through it as if they no more than a light mist.

Oceans, mantle, magma, crystals rock, and a boiling centre flashed by and we continued at colossal speed out of the other side through and beyond our huge galaxy and faster and faster into the vastness of the universe. It was just like some greatly speeded up movie.

I also recall passing through huge great suns stars and galaxies of blazing glory, observing them, somehow, as we flashed through in an infinitesimal moment.

Think of TV Sci Fi where they flash through the universe at warp speed, it was something like that, but without a spaceship, stars, galaxies, clouds of cosmic dust pulsating light of magnetic energy. I was not bound to my physical body’s visual spectrum but could view the universe in all spectrum's, from microwave to infrared and more.

The ethereal eye is hugely more sensitive than the physical eye and one could peer much deeper into the universe than even the greatest earthly telescope.

Try to imagine this, of course, is impossible? Instead of space being black, with this heightened sense of vision, the universe lit up with a billion, trillion ever changing colours of breathtaking beauty.

The journey continued as billions of galaxies came and went and somehow, due to our huge unimaginable speed, time itself began to reverse, we were not only on a journey to “somewhere”, we were on a journey to “somewhen”.

This “somewhen” was back before the big bang, into the primordial primaeval void of zero point energy. “God is the Great Mathematician”, “the Great Scientist” and “the Compassionate Eternal One”

Exploding out of our universe, it began to recede at a colossal rate, first becoming an enormous dark plane, a sort of flat surface. (Like the earth appears to us when we view it from a little height).

This beautiful plane, or surface or edge of the universe (of course, in reality, the universe has no edge or surface just my semantics) twinkled with brilliant a billion trillion multicoloured pulsating aurora borealis like lights, unimaginably beautiful.

Further and further we raced, until our entire universe started to become a huge orb, then a huge globe until it was only a tiny spot a small singularity.

Amongst the eternal infinite foam of numberless other realities, and physical universes that reside it this blazing white light that is the breath of God. I relate this of course in the dimness of my limited mind as these things are unexplainable in human terms or languages.

This light of purest white was limitless, boundless, infinite in any direction, it is where the “Spirit of God is so concentrated and hugely unimaginable pure holy and intense that one could vanish from existence if one tried to enter without permission.

If we remember the “Lords Prayer”, Our “Father” who art in “HEAVEN”, this in the domain if you like where the presence of God is all most tangible, the highest state of pure inexhaustibly indestructible energy it is where God lives, this might seem an oxymoron, that God is also omnipresent, but here his is inconceivable.” In my “Fathers House” are many mansions.

It is the “Great Ocean” of all Existence the source of all creation, and all the great rivers of life flow into it. It is the experience that millions of mystics over time have tried to obtain, but all in vain, no matter what they claim.

Hovering quietly, in the Infinite Sacred silence blanketed by the peace and love of this purest stillness of holy white light I wondered and then enquired as to where we were? In my inner self, I knew it could only be what, I heard a voiceless voice was saying to me, “you are standing in the “Breath of God” also called the “Holy Spirit”

We were in a place of pure composite white light outside of normal material space and time, into ethereal realms and higher dimensions of living

Suddenly and I was no longer aware of where I was until a warm golden light encompassed me about and I knew I was in that eternal place outside time or space.

Indeed, I now dwelt in the everlasting infinite moment. Marvellous extraordinary insights flashed into my mind and I was able with a new godlike understanding to comprehend all knowledge. I seemed to know all the mysteries of existence, just as if

I was God. It was clear to me then that the universe was mostly good and that evil will never prevail against the light. Beautifully interconnectivity into one glorious harmony whole is the final aim of our universe. “This is still a work in progress”. Evil was allowed in the physical realms so that people can use their free will to love God and their fellow beings as they love themselves

I felt the warmth of the eternal fire, within the spirit of my being and I was filled with it with a sustained sense of exultation, immense joy, peace, rapture and sublime bliss.

My awareness or consciousness expanding until it encompassed the entire universe and all existence. While I knew I was not God, and that I was the only bright tiny facet of the unimaginably beautiful diamond that we call God.

It was like riding on the shoulders of God, looking out at the universe with his eyes and understanding everything from time immemorial to the present, into the unimaginable far future. Everything at once in an instant, but also through all of the eternity, both somehow, at once.

Time became meaningless and did dot flow in the linear way it did in the physical realms.

An intellectual illumination beyond any description overflowed my mind and. I knew then that the will of Gods was for all humanity to be immortal and possess eternal life.

“Death was not the natural intended order of Gods creation” and this mystery of life, death and evil remain a mystery. The crucial plan of the universe was for the good of all that dwelt within its brilliant unimaginable beautiful wonderful and vast golden glorious borders.

The concept of time vanished and I seem to exist in an everlasting moment.
The physical universe was indeed a most precious jewel in the mind of God.

God created time, he is the Timekeeper if you like, he has a sort of a stopwatch, starting at the Alpha moment and stopping at the Omega moment, the Beginning and End. I saw in my “mind's eye” a huge clock. Something like a doomsday clock, it had only a second hand and this hand was turning towards the top of the hour, but it would advance clockwise and reverse anticlockwise, sometimes advancing fifteen seconds and retreating ten, why I think when the second hand finally reaches the top of the hour something catastrophic and cataclysmic is going to happen?

The greatest emotion there was the feeling of unconditional all encompassing eternal love by our Creator combined with all the joyful beings of goodness and light in this everlasting pure domain of light and life.

Every living thing is important to God, not only human souls are loved by God. God also loves animals and their souls return to him when they die. We sang there all together in perfect harmony the creation song of Gods existence and eternal mystery.

Plants are living things and have great group mind and souls as do the fishes of the sea and plankton. The great whales have highly advanced minds and souls and they are also beings that God blessed when he created our earth.

There is a pet heaven, where all or beloved pets frolic joyfully, just waiting for us to join them. The little minds and souls do not comprehend all our thoughts, but we can communicate with telepathy, just like we will do with other human souls in heaven.

My soul awareness or consciousness expanded until it filled the whole universe and beyond and in this “brief” glorious moment I became everything, I was “Infinite Existence”

This timeless reality was so very much more real than the three-dimensional reality we experience on earth. In this state, my mind was clear as crystal, I could feel an incredible energy and power coursing through me in this new wonderful indescribable time place.

There seemed to be nothing but a sense of knowing, being and loving. A strange thing was that in this dimension one could alternate between the subjective and objective anytime at will. .Oh!

How my soul delighted then and how reluctant I was to return to the bleak mundane existence of my earthly life. Reflecting back on my early life I wondered how many moments or days on earth in my mortal body had to be truly happy. We never experience the joy of this any happiness, while on earth with mortal bodies.

Was this death? No, it was brilliant exhilarating living; I was alive in a sense that I have never been I had become one vital aspect in the great all of the existence. An inexpressible interconnectedness to wonderful a mysterious and loving oneness but always retaining my own precious unique identity

The ethereal body has all senses of the material body and more, indeed there are many additional senses, that must be learned when we pass over. I could hear, smell, feel, sleep and even eat juicy apples, but one does not need to eat to get energy. I looked carefully at this body it was formed outwardly like the physical body, but semi translucent and shimmering in concert with the emotions I was feeling, something a ghostly chameleon.

At first sight, this strange world appeared similar to our physical earth, but, in this higher vibration, more colourful, more beautiful, more amazing. I saw plants, trees, mountains, lakes, animals, and shimmering crystal-like buildings, some very large and ornate. I saw beings moving about, light beings, going about their daily lives.

They don't have physical bodies like us, but they are distinct translucent fields of energy, they have the ability to alter their outer appearance and take on the form of a human physical body, but they remain translucent and shimmering in appearance.

They don't walk, they float. They have lived much like ours, but without the struggles and sorrows. There are artists, musicians, dancers, singers, inventors, builders, healers, creators of miraculous things; co-creators with Gods beautiful inexhaustible energy. Indeed this place was close to the Christian concept of heaven.

I wondered why this world appeared at first hand looked so much like our earthly reality, albeit more beautiful. The answer it that when a person dies especially suddenly if they were to awaken on the other side and see it as it really is, just orbs of light shape shifting, atoms and fundamental particles coming together and parting lights flashing, they will be frightened and confused out of their mind.

So they are slowly eased into these new dimensions, the first heaven almost a copy of a beautiful earth with which they are familiar and as these souls learn and evolve they are prepared for the next realm without any shock to their psyche.

Children of various ages were all around playing joyfully, people aged to about perfect maturity and stopped, although different, there did not seem to differ by race or colour as we do on earth.

Children who pass over to heaven take on the same age they had at the time of their death and then continue to grow or a better word mature until the reach the point of perfection Every person was made out of translucent light, and the light from each person constantly changes, later I found out this was one method of communication.

We stopped off in this world and I found myself in a beautiful translucent marble like building with many beautiful pillars something like the Geek Parthenon, many beings were milling about, was it a sort of a weigh station or great library or meeting place or place to congregate for special celebrations or events. I think it was there for all these reasons.

I thought about abortion and knew God understands if the woman has been violated soul of, the potential human baby just returns to God. God frowns on anyone aborting for selfish reasons, this is murder. A soul enters the mother’s womb at the very moment of conception and not at three to six weeks as many people think.

Many of the scenes places and angelic beings were the same ones I could so easily see as a child, I had a sort of mystical eye and could see through portals and vortexes a little boy, but I lost most of this when I became an adult.

Was it possible to see God, yes God can manifest an aspect of his greater Being to us, and what I saw was inconceivable, unspeakable, awesome a huge “Orb” of ever-changing lights flashing through a trillion billion spectrums, frightening and awesome in its beauty and the best word I can find to define what I saw was “MAJESTIC”.

This time fragment or aspect of the Infinite Divine God was like a great golden sun with thousands of planets revolved around him all in the same orbit. Who populated these worlds and what the purpose? I do not know, but I will find out when I pass into glory forever. Of course, God is not confined to that one place but it seemed to be something like the Holy Of Holies in the Hebrew Temple. Could I have access to this place?

This made me really think about what of significance I had done during my life.

Then I remembered my wife, children grandchildren, parents, siblings, relatives, friends and all the learning and wisdom I had gained in my short existence in this earthly dimension and it all had meaning and purpose and I knew I had not lived in vain, but will leave behind a legacy of love when I die.

To us, our universe is supposedly 15 billion years old, but in the mind of God the Infinite Eternal, it has only existed for a tiny moment a blink in his great eyes.

The light of God was golden like the setting or rising sun out of it flowing out from the infinite mind of God, who is the Life and cause of existence. I heard him speaking to me and everything flashed in and out of my mind by this huge voiceless voice that filled all existence with the primordial energy.
It was the most beautiful music of God that sustains the universe. GOD is the vibrations of all existence

I remembered the Bible Isaiah stating the Lion will eat grass and a little child will lead him, the wolf will lay down with the lamb, there will no longer be death sorrow or loneliness, and every tear will be wiped clear and people will sing with angels and God will join in with his awesome mighty voice of infinite beauty, filling all of the existence and his voice will banish evil, fear and suffering forever. His voice is the voice of “LIFE”

“There a total mystical union with the divine” The norm is the union between multiple souls or between similar souls. Perhaps the greatest physical ecstasy known to humanity is sex and “something like this continues in the next life” but it is always based on love as no lust exists in the afterlife. It in like really getting inside the totally of another welcoming being.

Like minds and souls join in glorious revolving Mandalay’s of ever changing lights a glory of intense euphoric “Oneness”. Of course, ere is fun and games in heaven, heaven is not about labour but about living in love and peace

In heaven, we are free to enjoy each other by totally giving of our souls, spirits and minds in true altruistic (unselfish) love, a merging of such unimaginable wonder, that our present minds and bodies could not comprehend it.

However, the union with the God is the place of infinite love and light, is beyond description in its wonder. Does everyone just enter there no? The doorkeeper to God and union with him is the “Great Prince of Peace”

I continued to experiencing a sustained sense of vibrant happiness beyond description together with unimaginable joy, peace and glory.

Thinking about this state of blissful rapture later I realised that God would not let souls continually remain in this state of bliss, as life, learning and purpose continue after we die and leave the earth. Death is not the end of life but the doorway into endless life

There is no such thing as boredom, because a process of continual learning and hopefully graduation to higher heavens There is an instant access and pooling of all knowledge by telepathy between all the minds in the universe, but of course even in heaven privacy is respected. In addition, it is possible to communicate in this manner with the simple innocent minds of our passed over beloved pets and all creatures big and small. More in feelings of love, appreciation and emotion than words.

By telepathy, teleportation, etc. we will have instant access to all our beloved ones, throughout creation, no matter how far they are from us, by this exiting means. Wonderful is it not?

Therefore, there is no such thing as separation, loneliness, tears, sorrow, and sickness and finally, there is the victory over death itself. Just think of where you want to go or who you want to be with and you are there. The use of the terms telepathy and teleportation are not really correct but the nearest words ii can find.

In reality, there is no such thing as remoteness or distant just billions of portals, doorways into parallel existences. With otherworldly eyes, these doorways can be seen and we learn how to use them, like some huge underground railroad system.

From heaven, we are able to hear in our minds the sorrow of loved ones still on earth who can not come to terms or understand or sometimes unexpected death. So” if we want to” one can make an effort to contact our loved ones still on earth by entering their dreams, thoughts, making them sense our presence, in various ways such as a flower, feather, smell or, even fragrances.

That, hopefully, make them aware, although feeling that we are far away, in reality, we are just a hand stretch away.

There are specially gifted people on earth that can pick up our thoughts thought from the heavenly planes and relay them to the grieving relatives or friends.

When we are in heaven we can also make people on earth meet each other so any urgent message from heaven is given to the correct person. This might seem just a coincidence at the time, but this link is arranged from the heavenly realms

Would all humanity no matter how depraved and evil in life on death go to these higher beautiful heavily planes immediately after their demise? No, absolutely not! Even in heaven, there is conditions and accountability.

If this was what happens in heaven one would be constantly bombarded by evil thoughts (as the means of communication was telepathy) and heaven would become a most unheavenly place. So it is logical and obvious that God cannot permit this to happen.

Yes, evil monstrous beings such as Hitler and his type are cast into outer darkness, as the darkness of true evil can never ever penetrate the light of God. The book of life, which is contained as memories in the temporal lobe of our brain, are played off, like a video recording of death before God. This is called the life review by near death experiences. Imagine the life review of a person like Hitler?

Are there similar experiences or pleasures exist in the spiritual realm as we do with our mortal bodies while on earth such as good food, mortal love touch, taste, smell, sight, sex, would this all be lost when we took on ethereal or spiritual bodies? What about our friends, family, lovers, soul mates, travel, homes etc., etc., etc. what about boundaries of conduct was anything forbidden if sin was abolished??

The reply came in a revelation that because there would no longer be evil or sin in the heavenly realms, as we progress, learn and become wiser, we are given increasing free will until at the highest vibratory level of purest perfection we are given absolute free will and everything becomes permissible.

Carnality does not exist but a similar soul pleasures ruled by altruist love is wonderfully experienced. Then we will be able to experience anything we desire such as controlled ecstasy, bliss and sublime joy, by mingling in love, merging completely into a cosmic mind to enjoy and relish eternal life with God and all other beings of composite white light.

Everything there is much much more intense, sustained and beautiful complete and wonderful than anything we could remotely like to on the earthly plane. It is indeed very very exciting! Totally beyond what I had imagined. Grass, trees, flowers, plants are not subject to death and everything is made out of this translucent light.

All living things are not biological but made out of inexhaustible indestructible energy.

Here time as we know it did not exist, one could rest for a moment or for a thousand years, or coexist in multiple moments at the same time, past, present and future, all existing somehow like a great multi-dimensional movie, all the frames unraveled into which one could jump from frame to frame, in and out of at will.

Distance is meaningless as billions of higher or lower realms or planes were only separated by thin veil vortex or port into another reality. Each new dimension was another new universe.

As wave after wave of revelation swept through my whole being the wonder and joy of it all was almost too much for me to comprehend.

I knew the will of God for existing was to ever progress upwards through many dimensions (heavens) towards the light of the ultimate absolute reality (which is God) while always retaining our blessed uniqueness.

We would then still be ourselves but also have access to the infinite knowledge power and presence of the Creator God as we finally withdraw once again into ourselves. It is a matter of progression or regression and this depends on each soul.

I heard the soft voice (God) speaking directly into my mind some of the deepest mysteries of existence and creation.

Much to my disappointment, I could only recall a little, but what I recall I have included in this document. As the years have passed I have slowly remembered more and more, but of course, there are simply revelations so profound that my human brain could never contain them.

There are angels great and less great, they are beings of light that inhabit all of Gods creation. Just like earthly people, they have different characters and each is assigned a task. Sometimes they come to gather in a huge crown of glowing billions, singing the praises of God in a heavenly chorus of unimaginable beauty. Their songs of joy and peace reverberate out into the universe giving life and love where it is needed.

Each person of good character has their own guardian angel, which most of us are not aware of. They are the messengers to humanity bringing word of encouragement as well as warning when necessary.

If you want to know the name of your angel clear your mind, and then ask your angel, what is your name? The very first name that popped into your mind is the name of your angel.

Think about events in your life when you were helped by some stranger, who appeared as a normal person, this could have been your angel helping you.

Intuitions to go somewhere or not go somewhere, unease about something are often strong prompting from your angels.

There might at times be as many angels walking on earth as there are people. Angels can take on any form, if your idea of an angel is a huge majestic being with great wings, your angel might manifest himself/herself to you like that.

Angels do not really have gender like humans but can take on gender when necessary.

Some of the future events coming to planet earth were revealed and shown to me.

Humanity would have to migrate from planet earth into the universe, as the earth’s resources were finite. No nuclear holocaust would obliterate earth and the greatest threat was the population explosion.

In addition, the future was not set in stone and the divisions taken by a person or a nation could alter the outcome of the future.

The highest attribute any person can have is wisdom and the wisdom to do things wisely. Graceful love must abound the joyful realities of multiple heavenly glories.

There is a time coming when God will intervene in the affairs of humanity and the great monotheistic religions have a belief about this that borders on the truth of what is going to happen. Deep down we all know humans cannot continue much longer on the path of destruction it now follows

The future only needs one good person to make a colossal difference towards the ultimate good of humanity. The reverse is unfortunately also the case and this might be the explanation for the enigma for the existence of evil.

Although our heritage is very important to us all it is much more important to leave a positive legacy.

The loss of moral absolutes was sadness to the divine and the restoration of these was of paramount importance if humankind was to escape extinction.

All persons should know they will ultimately have to account to the divine for what they have done while on their journey of life, as mere mortal beings while on planet earth. In the end, however, good will prevail in the universe and evil banished into outer darkness forever.

The mystery of evil was an inscrutable mystery beyond the understanding of any person. All things process or regress, in cycles of spiritual learning and metamorphosis towards the light.

The universe is not infinite or eternal; it is a creation of God the work of the sublime intellect beyond human comprehension. It had a beginning and it will have and end

Our physical earthly realm is a bleak shadow when compared even to the least beautiful heavens.

But our physical earthly reality is unimaginably beautiful when compared to some cold dark planes

These entities residing in these lower realms have their free will restricted to a greater and greater degree as one descend into the abysmal dark of the lowest realm, which we call hell.

At these lower dimensions time moves slower and increasingly slower the lower the realm, indeed time is the enemy there and each moment is stretched out. At the lowest in the abysmal thick cold I could feel an entity of horrifying evil, this being seemed to consist of black tar. Whatever it was it was not of human origin.

The words of my childhood “Look upon a falling star and make a wish came into my mind, and in the ethereal realms this is factual, but there is no need to wait for a star to fall, wish what you want or think carefully and you create it with your mind. Want to go somewhere or see someone, wish for it and you are there with them.

Everything lives at a much greater level I saw my beloved dog bully and wept when I held him, smelled his doggy smell and felt his love for me as I filled him with my love, at last, I knew what his little beautiful soul and mind was saying and we communed in joyful wonder.

Each person will be accountable for what was done by them done while on earth.

We all, unlike Hitler, have some light and goodness within us and this will enable us to perpetuate the light of God. One candle dispels the darkness. Anyone reading this testimony will definitely not be going into outer darkness but will inherit the kingdom of God. The spirits of all animals will return to God from whence they had come God loves them dearly. The abuse of children will face the full wrath of God and it would be better for this type of person to have never been born.

In my earthly life, I have plunged the depths of darkness’, despair desolation and for anyone to tell me there is a hell worse than this was a great offence to me. But now I knew the consequences and the accountability of life and there were alternate dark realms so terrible that the Christian hell was a kiddies teddies bears picnic by comparison. I saw beings so black, so dark, so cold so evil, so depraved and hideous dwelling in this horror.

They were not of human origin, but monstrous beasts of unspeakable evil from elsewhere in the universe and their names were the “Dark Ones” They consisted of Black Light and are the enemies of God and they strive to smother the warm light of God, with their black light of cold. They drain off life into themselves and can only continue to exist by doing this.

I saw the horror of this on a planet, a village much like a village on earth, the village was lit up and a little girl looked at me with sad eyes and I saw the life drain out of her and her eyes slowly dimming until the death of cold overtook her.

This is the battle for our universe our universe of Light and Dark. Look out at the night sky, what do you see? A sky mostly dark with some light in this potentially infinite dark?

The universe is populated with the children of light the children of God and the dark ones the rebellious.

Is there a hell yes hell is separation from God and there are dimensions so horrifying that the Christian concept of hell is a holiday picnic by comparison, would the occupants remain there forever, I do not know, maybe God would be kind enough to annihilate the souls of the unredeemable reprobate depraved

During one of my visions of the night, I was transported to a colossal cavern somewhere deep in the earth and saw countless souls just waiting in a place that seemed to me to be lit by a dim red light. Was this, limbo or something else? I do not know. Perhaps this is the place the evil dead go to wait for the final Day of Judgment by God?

While one is in the void of grey they can still seek the light and escape, but if they have become so depraved in life like Hitler had I think they descend in black darkness and must remain in this terrible place of fear, desolation and horror, of their own making forever. Therefore, they are not really judged by God but convict "themselves" by refusing to adhere to the moral absolutes of God. God puts no one in hell they put themselves there by refusing to listen to his holy voice while in life.

It is awesome to think that the dimension discussed in this testimony is only the first of many that the spirit has to travel before finally merging and submerging with the infinite Almighty.

We would then have the unbelievable of direct access to the infinite mind of God (Jacobs Ladder).
Indeed the creation of our glorious universe was an intelligent act of omnificent unimaginable indescribable beauty.

In the soft quiet of the night I contemplated on all I has seen, all I had heard, all the knowledge I had received, the beautiful love and light, the dark, ugly and hateful. I tried to express to find one word that could express the greatness of existence the greatness of creation and finally the wonder that is Almighty God

One word slowly filled my mind simply put but deeply pondered I could only express that inconceivable existence is beyond


Revelation about how poorly we use or understand our bodies, how great a potential instrument it is and the great gift of God for allowing us to inhabit such a wonderful vehicle for life

[url]Your body as an instrument of unimaginable precision
Given a lesson on how to really utilize my body, I became s aware of the intensity of colours unimaginably beautiful and countless not normally observed, with new eyes everything, blazed in high definition, colours bright and beautiful, flowers shimmering living light of a million hues, all thing living in their unique harmonious vibrations.

We go around deaf with ears that only hear what we want them to hear. Battered by noises God did not design them for the beauty of sound is lost. But humming in the dark I could hear the angels join in with a host or chorus of heavily song.

Everything sang I could see the colours of music, I could hear and fell the caress of the sound of smell the taste of music and colours, the whole body absorbed vibrations of life much more intensely than our normal grey like dim perception of the wonder all around us the beauty of the world

I knew then that I had never come remotely close to knowing what an almost infinite precise instrument my whole body really was. It is not only the brain that perceives reality; each cell is individual aware parts of my body.

It was possible to switch to seeing with my ears, tasting with my eyes, listening to my sense of taste, smell and feel. Every atom of you physical body harmonises together, as an intelligent member of your composite living being.

I this heightened state of awareness I saw everything in the minutest detail, things that I normally overlooked or just shrugged off as an important now rang out as messages and lesson from the world and the universe.

Observing. Carefully I began to see and know the future, go back to scenes of the past like the crucifixion. .aware that my loved ones were in trouble get a warning to avoid events and suggestion to go or not go to places. Know which people to interact with and which to not. Know who is truthful and who is not.

We have never learned how to utilise the amazing sensory organ that is our entire body. In this state of awareness, I could stand still and hear the chirp of a billion birds which I knew was quantum particle flashing in the mind of God. They sing the song of existence and creation and we are deaf to their beautiful song and its real meaning.

Learning to use of the whole body, as one great sensory instrument, I could perceive things that normally go completely unnoticed. Looking carefully with all my combined bodily senses I could read the messages from the universe all around me. I could see things as minute as a vibrating electron, or the great expanding universe, existence told me of the past, present and future.

If we only observed at everything, taste, smell, feel, hear, breathe, see and use our innate psychic intuitive ability, nothing would overtake us as a complete surprise as we become one with all existence and hear the song of creation all around usual the time.

People became open books to me as I could hear in my mind every word they were thinking, and I had to close my mind against the cacophony of meaningless babble until I could filter it out and hear the beauty of glorious minds all around me, both human and animal. I had to retreat in shock and horror from the dark bleakness from real evil thoughts that sometimes entered my mind.

Learn to accept and embrace all that is beautiful and loving about our beautiful blue water planet and the unimaginable wonder of the universe and the super universe from out of which it was born.

My body, mind, soul and spirit as stilled my inner being to really hear, feel, see taste smell and merge with the Super- Consciousness, began to expand in such unimaginable exhilaration that my finite mind and self-embraced all of the existence and I saw and understood everything just like God did.

In what we call our normal waking state we are really sleeping in a dormant hibernating like way. But with practice, one can awaken to a much greater degree than is the norm for many of us.

But maybe we must travel through the dark valleys of utter hopeless like I did; to really relish and savor the unbelievable glory that awaits us. Before we exit this life we should have reached a place of contentment, peace and love.
Then the transition is easy smooth exiting a wonder beyond words, like a great holiday that embraces so much beautiful unknowns that the mind is filled with the essences and fragrances of new lands, planets and universes, both physical and spiritual way out beyond any wildest speculations about the afterlife

I am sorry, but reality is not always nice or cosy and loving as we like, it is what it is not what we might think is “IS”

God simply put is that which “IS THAT”

Think about the silly song you were taught as a child, “Sticks and stones can hurt you” but” names (words)” will never hurt you”

Words are life or death, war or peace, love and hate. It is words that bring destruction and kill and words rightly thought out can heal, bring peace, love, forgiveness and life.

God created everything by the words from his mind

Be very careful what you say, as you can never retract a word wrongly cruelly spoken

The physical universe

All information, both past, present, and future, exists in the ““Superconsciousness”.” The “Superconsciousness” (or Collective Mind) transcends time and space and with diligent practice, is consciously accessible from the deep state of awareness.

Sentient intelligent beings in the universe are interconnected in what I call the Superconsciousness” this is not God, it is where information comes from for all accurate predictions and visions, whether auditory, visual, or emotional. It encompasses all that is and all that will be in our universe. In truth, it is where our thoughts go to and come from.

We only perceive these whispering thoughts in our brain and usually take little notice of them but we should try to be more aware and connect with this source of universal knowledge for the benefit of humankind, we have learned to filter out them to our disadvantage.

I see it as something similar to the hive mind of the bee or ant but that, which connects all higher beings in one consciousness throughout the universe. I speculate this “Superconsciousness” is finite consisting of finite albeit highly intelligent life forms throughout the universe and “is not the infinite creator God” but one of his creations. A sort of galactic, or universal internet, think how useful this source would be if only we could gain access to it when we want to?

Maybe the universe is a sleeping giant a sort colossal being and we are just neurones within it, but I don’t really like this idea of a living evolving intelligent universe

The physical universe is unimaginably beautiful a crown diamond the most precious jewel in of Gods crown his achievement a creation with for he was well pleased, exploding with life and light. These are some of the heavens that declare the glory of God

Strange world revolving around other stars within other galaxies are painted in a myriad of colours unknown and unseen of earth blazed, flashed, revolved in glorious maelstroms like colossal aurora borealis in such glory in the heavenly planes and the physical universe that would have blinded human eyes.

Cerulean clouds of energy rolled and merged changing into aubergine, incarnadine and green viridity, gladeen, misord, bladgreed, blueploom, surgrrezeing, astromosterdram, these words for some of these colours just entered my mind and I remembered that for this document

“Plasma Beings” using magnetic energy in beautiful alabaster robes, joined our journey and raced across the ethereal realms with us like dolphins do on earth. I remembered a story I had read as a child “I am the magnetic body electric” I had this type of body for too short a time (of course there is no concept of time, but is the best word here)

There are plasma beings Dwellers on the furnaces of the suns, to them the inferno we call the surface of a sun or star is cool life-giving warmth. They survive on magnetic energy.

I went amongst the stars, saw their mighty glory and glorious multi-colored planets, and observed great beings with huge gossamer wings that were a million kilometres from wingtip to wingtip, which sailed on the radiant light in the dark oceans of space that makes up most of the universe.

Some worlds were so similar to earth that at first, I thought I was looking at earth or a city of earth. But a closer look revealed odd differences, the gait of the beings, their transport vehicles all differed minutely.

On another world, the entities were so odd so different that I thought they were just part of the background a rock or a long thin dark looking tree, but they are highly evolved sentient beings like us.

Size is relative and there are huge entities and entities unimaginable small, most very small life form are hive based minds and at the hive level sentient and intelligent with purpose.

Some lived at a much slower rate than humans, their year a billion years compared to ours. They do not know we exist; we are fleeting vibrating electrons to them.

Far in the utter dark of space dark worlds exist in the void remote from any other are worlds hanging alone in the abysmal cold of absolute zero. But are these worlds dead and void of life? No beings exist on them and they live so slowly that the life of the universe is but a day to them. To them, ice is a raging inferno.

Other beings come into existence like a fundamental particle, live and die in one infinitesimal moment, too small for our best instrument to measure, but they are intelligent living beings like us.

The creation of our physical universe was spoken to me in these few profound mighty words
New creation started again. (The infinite eternal cycle of existence)

The colossal infinite mind and intellect of the Ever-Existing One looked out at a new empty infinite dark void, became aware and out at the dark void of nothing, contemplated and said “let there be light” As I Am boundless I will create something with the potential to become like myself and eternal. He decided to create homes (beautiful blue water worlds) and beautiful life, from the substance of the inexhaustible energy of the many dimensions of his being.

The Lord created me in the beginning of his works, before all else, when he set the heavens in their place, I was there before he made the earth, I was his darling child and played the creation game, in eternal joy with him. I was his craftsman and his companion and delight.

Wisdom and Word are my names and I was with him before all creation. He is the ancient of days and I am his eternal son.

We together created mighty superstrings and weaved them together with colossal strands of energetic light coloured in beautiful magnificent opalescence into the very fabric of reality and a new unimaginably beautiful universe was born in glory and delight.

We sang together the song of creation and the new universe began to vibrate with countless frequencies of light, glory translucent and everlasting with the vibrations of the song of existence. I am both the singer sang the song, the painter and the painting, the creator and the creation.

The universe then began to weave, dance, and vibrate flux and vortex into one colossal maelstrom, spiral in perfect order from the mind of the eternal one The Universe danced and sang with joy. The dancer danced and sang along with his new creation.

Great huge blue/ white fusion fire stars formed from primeval hydrogen, lived a short two million years exploding a colossal Supernovae so that new long living golden fusion stars, containing all the other elements necessary for life could form from their dust and join together into great beautiful billions of huge galaxies..

Each galaxy contained thousands of billions of yellow golden long life stars like Sol, which, would each burn in beauty for 20 billion stable years. the heavy substances of life were know contained in each star so that blue- water beautiful worlds like Earth could form and be the cradle of mortal life.
Oh! How we rejoiced together that wonderful day.

The mighty suns began to sing together the beautiful song of creation across the vastness of the marvellous new mighty universe. All sang together in wonderful harmony.

In pristine beauty was the planet earth created.
But God hesitated and decided to first create immortal companions Angels of light that would serve him, without question.

He then looked at that most unique and beautiful pristine of water blue worlds, planet earth in a beautiful universe, we call it planet earth and the sun around which it revolves is called Sol.

God then created all the creatures on the earth and in the universe gave humanity a colossal complex brain so that they could look after all the creatures on blessed mother earth. He gave humanity one thing unique from all the other creatures, namely, a free will without any restrictions or reservations or conditions.
By Alan McDougall 1992 to 2009
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