Reply Sun 4 Jun, 2017 08:49 pm
I've got a TV tuner for my laptop, which seems to work remarkably well. It came with a small, hi-gain antenna, which ostensibly can be adhered to flat surface or hooked over the edge of the laptop, to pick-up digital signals when the tuner is in use.

The signal reception from the antenna is usually quite good, but for a couple of the local broadcast channel signals, I sometimes find that I need to get the antenna "up" just a little higher, and typically higher than than the limited length of wire that came with the antenna will allow.

I've found that I can use a section of standard, shielded, coaxial cable, which will match the connectors on the antenna and the TV tuner. The only problem is that shielded, coaxial cable has all the flexibility of popsicle stick - which is stark contrast to the thin profile, highly-flexible type of wire that is used on the antenna. The problem is that I've not been able to ascertain what this type of wire is, since I've got to believe that 15-25' extensions, with the standard F-type connectors, are probably already available from some supplier somewhere.

In supreme bit of irony (and more than a little bit of irritation), I thought the easiest route was to simply go back to the orignal supplier of the TV tuner and just ask them for the "spec" on the antenna wire for their own product. To my surprise, they claimed that they were not knowledgeable about the specification of the wiring on the antenna. Really?

Consequently, since I've had good luck on this forum in the past (both getting and giving solutions), I thought I would give this a try. Best case I get someone to suggest a source for this thin-profile wire, with the F-type connectors already installed. Worst case, someone is at least able to provide a suggestion on the wire type, in which case I'm probably adept enough to buy the wire, and adapt the F-type connectors myself. Here are couple of other high-resolution pictures that may help with the problem diagnosis. Follow-up questions on any of this, just let me know. Thanks!
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Reply Sun 4 Jun, 2017 09:54 pm
Radio Shack sells coax cable with those connectors for standard TV hookups, and the cable flxes easily, have never found it particularly stiff. Of course Radio Shacks are closing right and left, so if yuj actually still have one near you, get there quick. Also in MA at least Comcast uses coax from the wall to whatever you want to hook up, and thy have spiffy new ones with big connectors on the ends, instead of those damned ones with the little hex locking rings on the ends, which areactually big enough to tighten with your hand instead of using an open end wrench.. On the other hand, where you have to screw it in is often extremely tight, so if you have larger than normal hands you're flatout of luck in getting it tight, and you need an open end wrench. Moral ias, look carefully at thwere you have to connect it to make sure what clearance you're going to need. So you might be able to cadge a cable out of your cable company if you butter them up.
Reply Sun 4 Jun, 2017 10:07 pm
I'm not sure of the scale of your pictures. I got a flat plane TV antenna for I think $12.99 or so, at my local Micro Center, which works MUCH better than the bulkier antennae of several years ago. It had a coax end which is about a quarter as big as the oldpre-digital coax connectors, about like the difference between a mini headphone cable connector and the old quarter inch ones. Which fits perfectly into the antenna connection on a couple year old digital TV-monitor-cable jack. I', not sure from your pix which you have on oyour tuner. If you still have a computer store near you, they've b, and look for compatible connectors on your laptop.een going out of business too, and I don't think Best Buy has them, check and see if they have the flat paner ones
Reply Mon 5 Jun, 2017 05:35 pm
Okay, all feedback in an attempt to solve this problem is good, although I'm not sure some of this is maybe quite on target.

So, as I mentioned access to (or use of) standard, shielded coaxial cable does not represent any aspect of my problem. I've got at least a half-dozen sections of coaxial cable of varying lengths that are available (not sure I've got any Radio Shack still open in my area, but Target, Walmart and even the local Dollar Stores, all carry coaxial cable). Likewise, I've got plenty of access to the standard F-type connectors. So, none of that is my issue.

My issue is the hunt for a length of extension wire that is of a similar diameter and would be a little more portable (say in a suitcase), than standard, coaxial cable. Maybe your coaxial cable is simply a little more pliable than what we have here in Maryland - but our cable is anything but flexible. Here is a picture that shows the relative "compactness" of the OEM antenna wire and a similar length of standard, shielded coaxial cable. No comparison in my opinion.

The question about the relative scale of the cables is a good one. Below is a close-up of both cables to illustrate. The coaxial cable measures approximately 3/8" in diameter. The thin-profile antenna wire measures much smaller, ΒΌ" in diameter. And because it lacks the hard inner plastic core and shielding, you can see its flexible and how much easier you can roll-up the wire.

We'll keep this posting open for some additional suggested solutions.
Reply Mon 5 Jun, 2017 07:32 pm
are you sure the connecyors on the two cables are the same size==the one on your tuner looks to be about half the diameter of the old style cable on the left? I'm talking the connector, not the cable there. Likethey downbsized headphone jacks when miniplugs became standard on Walkmen and such, the coax seems to have spawned a minii coax too. I use ehterneton my laptop and just looked at it and can't even find where a standard size coax would fit==the case is just too thin to support the jack.
Reply Mon 5 Jun, 2017 08:29 pm
Yes, so I've already "spliced in" the extension coaxial cable pictured, and the cable connections (male connector) exactly matches/pairs with the TV tuner card (female connector), and then the upstream antenna wire connector. The antenna is obviously picking up and sending signal to the TV tuner card, and translating the signal into picture on my laptop. So, we know unequivocally that standard, shielded coaxial cable will work. It's just not very practical, as to actual use (flexibility, weight, etc.). Hence the search for that lighter weight, thinner diameter wire, with F-type connectors - for use as an extension.
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