Afterlife and experience and God

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This has happened 3 times in my life. Im not even sure if I died or would even call it death. My first time it happened I was 17 it waa a normal day went to school came home when to sleep. But thats where it started i had woke up and continued my life as normal. All the way, to the day I had died, every moment. The jobs I had, my wife I married, my son and two dauthers, my dad's funeral. A very heartbreaking moment. Still remember walking to his casket looking down at him and breaking down in tears. The day of my my death, I was on a bed in a hospital with my family, i believe it was cancer that killed me. Theirs more things thats had happened but i would have to make a book about it.
So when i had passed on I awoke back in my bed, my 17 version of myself. Filled with fear and relief, fear because i was forgetting everything like most dreams untill there gone and it felt worse than death to me. So i try remembering everything in my life going over and over in my head, some memories didn't. My kids and wife their names forgotten but still remember my wife's face. My kids couldn't tell you.
The relief was that i was given another chance in life to see my dad my mom. I just sat on my bed and cryed. Was emotional devastated the whole day, but happy at the same time.
The second time was not me liveing out my life, or i dont remember i just don't remember dieing was when i was 21. I was attending college attempting computer program and liveing with my parents. It was late and was heading to bed. I dont recall going to sleep but in a flash. I stood in front of the most brights light. As if i was standing just a few feet from the core of the sun. The light was not blinding and could see. I had also gain the understanding of everything, the meaing of life. I dont know how to explain how it felt but the knowing of all and everything. And the meaning of life, our language can't explain it the closest thing we have to it is life and a feeling. I believe a mother might have a better understanding, but even then hardly describes it.
So their i was looking at this light, now im not a religious person and still not to this day. I believe ill find out what happens in the end when it happens so their is no need to worry about it. But a person was what all this light was coming from we did not speak i just understood, like a feeling and he showed me the world through his eyes. It was a indescribable. I saw everything everywhere a the same time, experience everyone's emotions everywhere at the sametime. I saw what i can only explain to be god. Through his eyes, and the term children of god is literall in its meaning. To explain imagine your family as everyone the same love you have for you child, mother,father,sister,brother, or mabe your beloved pet. Equally given to everyone in the world. Now the joy of of their success in life how happy you felt for them. Now the feeling of watching them suffering, killing eachother, war.
I had seen, felt, experienced all this every emotion, saw everything the birth of one life and the joy of it and the ending of a life and the sadness that came with it. Every emotion rage,hate,love,peace, ect.
Then i woke up in my bed it was still night must of been only a few hours but i dont even remember going to bed. I wasnt exhausted where i wold passout. I just layed there trying to wrap my brain around what just happen couldn't sleep for the rest of the night
The 3rd time i was 22 much like the first time i went to sleep lived my whole life but much of it i dont remember. Trying too keep three life times of memories together and not mix them up is hard enough. But i do remember being in the military. I had been in a fire fight and had been shot. the bullet miss my body armor ang got me in the gut hitting my spine it didnt hurt, because it made me paralyzed. i was still scared their was alot of blood and i thoght it was the end for me. Must of passout because i awoke in a hospital and i was piss off. I dont remember much after that but i was angry person after that being locked in a wheelchair. I don't know how i died i that life but it had to do with one of my organs failing guessing my liver i was drinking alot.
When i died again. I stood i front of extremely bright light of a man. we said nothing he was not anger nor sad, just peaceful. He pointed so i looked and like a film he show me my life from beginning to the end. emotionaly justifying my action in life. We did not speak but we talked by simply understanding eachother like telepathy. Im guessing he didnt like my justifications. I was a angry a-hole in that life to everyone after being paralyzed. So he pointed again this time i was in my body but had no control over it. And i live my life from beginning to end. Only able to sllive my life through my eyes and what i had already had done. Guilt and regret was my prison. Traped in my own mind. But it ended. And i stood there once again and with out speeking like bet to prove him wrong that my life sucked and nothing would change. I told him i wuld live my life opposite. Not laterally but where i was angry i would happy. Fear would be replace with excitement.
You probably dont believe me but it dosnt matter ive only told 4 people about this and for the last story ill find out eventual if i won or lost that bet but i think i lost the bet. And most of the thing that happened in my other lives have happen like joining the military or working some job i aready worked at and the de javu can be helpful at times. Creeped out my sargent all i told him that it feel like a bad day and i wasnt my cheerful self in the morning later that day one of our solders in our platoon died. Bad days for me mean something happen just i dont remember whats it is.
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Psychiatrists are very good at helping people understand things like this. Find a good one, tell them the story and they will listen carefully and help you understand it.
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If you are experiencing any paralysis after a nap, ask your doctor to refer you to a neurologist regarding possible hypnogogia. I am not a doctor but my father has this. It's not dangerous (it's not a stroke, which is what we originally feared it was); it's just kind of disconcerting.
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Cove, the following might sound silly but t'snot
(ya like that pun ?)

A carret 'tween paras would ensure more responses, while a Tab w/each even helps more

I do a lotta kiddin' of the esl and so if it's not clear in any way atall, please lemme know and I'll 'lab

That last'n is a toughie, yes !!

more things thats had happened but i would have to make a book about it.

So when i had passed on dreams...

You will ote that the tab appears wonly when posting is accerssed. This has always pubbled me. Jes !!! .....?
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I think this thread has some capability. Like, you know, an online gathering of
opinionated thinkers, your roadside variety of run-at-the-mouths, idle clerk typists, etc. . As for God, I'm in the In God We Trust part of the population, complying with George Washington's orders on the U.S. quarter.

I welcome any fresh Burma-Shave roadside signposts quotes.

Any prison inmate completing life - join in. There's life after life.

As for experience, don't get me started
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